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Minimalism In Living Room Decor And How To Get It

Want to find out more about minimalism? You’re on the right place!

When we think about minimalism, we think about tones of white, a single art piece on the wall and perhaps even a plant on the corner. But this image is not always right. Minimalism is so much more than that, and today we’re going to tell you what it is and how to get it in your living room decor. You don’t want to miss it!

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Contrary to popular belief, and that image in our head telling us that minimalism is nothing but silky white, no bright colors and a sofa in the middle of a living room, minimalism is not exactly that. At its core, minimalism is the absence of clutter and getting down to the essentials in life. Everything becomes about functionality and simplifying designs, but you can still have bold and thick lines and still have a simple and functional design.

Sometimes, it’s hard to get minimalism just right, and if you’re looking for this style of design in your living room, we have 6 tips for you to get started on decluttering your life and decor.

 1. Declutter

Minimalism In Living Room Decor And How To Get It

The first thing to do to get started on your minimalist living room is the key element of this style: declutter. Keep in mind that less is always more and it’s one of the mottos of minimalism. If you wish to get this style in your living room, then we’re sure you’re ready to throw away or storage all those knickknacks and other decorative items that are not functional and just serve the purpose of cluttering your space even more.

Only get the essential items you need for yourself and that your decor will need to be completed! Anything else, it goes!

 2. Think About Scale

Minimalism In Living Room Decor And How To Get It

Don’t just fall into the temptation of throwing a bunch of small furniture pieces in your minimalism living room – it just won’t work. Besides making your space feel more cluttered, it’s also the complete opposite of what minimalism teaches us. Thinking about scale is the way to go! Mix it up by adding smaller furniture pieces with bigger ones in strategic places to make it all pair up nicely and leave the room less cluttered and more functional.

 3. Go Green

Minimalism In Living Room Decor And How To Get It

As all living rooms should, bring the outdoors indoors! When you add a few plants, it makes your living room more fresh, less cluttered, clean and elegant. And if your home gets enough sunlight, it’s time to really bet on these little details that completely transform a decor!

 4. Consider Your Color Palette

Minimalism In Living Room Decor And How To Get It

Like we said before, a minimalism living room doesn’t have to be all about white. Instead, you can add a pop of color on a otherwise neutral-toned living room. Play with the colors in the accessories, such as artwork, rugs or wall accents. Playing with different textures, materials and fabrics is also a must to make your living room unique and bring out the best of your home decor in a minimalist space.

 5. Store Everything Out Of Sight

Minimalism In Living Room Decor And How To Get It

Random items, magazines and so on, should be stored out of sight. This is the best way to not make your living room feel cluttered, with items in every surface. Clean up the surface of your furniture pieces except for a few small items here and there. Everything should be stored, except if it serves a purpose at that moment. You can easily go for attractive baskets or floating shelves and you have the best options for storing your items.

 6. Keep In Mind: Less Is More

Minimalism In Living Room Decor And How To Get It

Not only will this help you make your living room more clean and less cluttered, it will also be your mantra for your upcoming interior designs. Make sure that everything pairs up well together and you got nothing to worry about! You’ll have an amazing and inspiring minimalist living room that will make you wonder why minimalism wasn’t part of your life before!

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