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15 Maximalist Living Room Decor Ideas For Your Heart’s Content

If you want to get on the newest trend, these maximalist living room decor ideas are for you!

If you’re into white walls and neutral furniture, this is not the post for you, but if you’re thinking of trying the maximalist style, if you enjoy bold colors and patterns, or if you want to get inspired and try something new, we’re here to give you 15 maximalist living room decor ideas you won’t resist!

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Mixing Colors, Patterns & Textures

15 Maximalist Living Room Decor Ideas For Your Heart's Content_1

You don’t necessarily need to match every color, pattern or texture perfectly. In fact, maximalism is all about the freedom to mix and match as you see fit. Go wild, let out the creativity inside you, place a rug on top of the other, mix patterns everywhere and add your favorite and bold colors that will be your go-to this decade. The sky’s the limit!



Find Cohesion

15 Maximalist Living Room Decor Ideas For Your Heart's Content_2

Just because you can go wild with maximalism, it doesn’t mean you want your space to look completely cluttered or over the top, so you have to find a middle ground somewhere, finding ways to connect pieces and decor elements throughout your home. You can coordinate bold wallpapers with colored pillows, for example.

Play With Different Design Styles

15 Maximalist Living Room Decor Ideas For Your Heart's Content_3

The great thing about maximalism is that you can work with different styles and design areas, and still make it work. In fact, sticking with just one furniture style may be your downfall when it comes to maximalism so find your favorite styles and mix it up!

Display A Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are the next big thing in interior decor and it’s one of the biggest trends you can use in a maximalist space. The more styles, the better! In fact, you can even use your own art or a friend’s or family member’s art; the only thing that matters is using art that speaks to you.

Choose Colors You Love

15 Maximalist Living Room Decor Ideas For Your Heart's Content_6

There are really no rules on which paints to use or colors in your furniture pieces, but we strongly recommend you to be daring. However, you don’t have to be daring in literally ever piece, you can have neutral colors to balance everything out. A white wall in a living room, combined with bold colored furniture pieces works perfectly, but if you want to use patterned walls in daring colors and a white armchair, it’s up to you!

“Big Impact” Is The Keyword

15 Maximalist Living Room Decor Ideas For Your Heart's Content_7

Thinking big and outside the box is the key to achieving the best maximalist style for your home. High pigmented colors and different finishes in your pieces, even painting your ceiling and making it the accent surface in the room is the right way to get there.

EH Trends


Be Bold

Maximalism is not just for bedrooms and living rooms. You can use this style in your bathroom or kitchen by using statement tiles or backsplashes. Quirk wallpapers and bold colors create an wow factor you’ll love!

A Statement Wallpaper

15 Maximalist Living Room Decor Ideas For Your Heart's Content_9

A statement wallpaper can really turn a home into a dreamy maximalism space to create the most impact. However, not everyone can commit to a full room with a bold statement wallpaper, so we strongly recommend you wallpapering a ceiling or one wall that will serve as a statement on the space.

Learn To Layer

15 Maximalist Living Room Decor Ideas For Your Heart's Content_10

Find your unique piece and start layering around it. Color, contrast, texture, furniture, lighting and accessories – layer everything and consider the little details!

Create Vignettes

15 Maximalist Living Room Decor Ideas For Your Heart's Content_11

Displaying your favorite accessories and decor elements is one of the best parts of maximalism. Layering in vignettes throughout the space on surfaces like sideboards, coffee tables, dressers and side tables is a big yes and we definitely recommend.

Focus On Three Colors At A Time

15 Maximalist Living Room Decor Ideas For Your Heart's Content_12

Color is one of the most important parts of maximalism and the more color the better, but when you’re decorating a space, don’t pick more than three colors as the foundation for your space. Instead, layer around those three colors and only add more color in small accessories, lighting pieces, and other decor elements.

Go Deep

15 Maximalist Living Room Decor Ideas For Your Heart's Content_13

If you’re not shy about bold wall colors, try going hard on a bold deep color like black or deep green. Play around with finishes as well, lacquer or matte to make a major statement that will pay off with this style.



Take Risks

15 Maximalist Living Room Decor Ideas For Your Heart's Content_5

For those who don’t want perfectionism and just want to embrace uniqueness, maximalism is perfect for you. Our suggestion? Take risks and express yourself through your home decor and you’ll achieve the design of your dreams.

Don’t Go For Matching Sets

15 Maximalist Living Room Decor Ideas For Your Heart's Content_14

Forget about matching sets, when it comes to achieving a maximalist look, avoid matching your chairs with your sofa or your center table. Mix several styles, colors and pieces to create a bright maximalism aesthetic that will match your personality.

Don’t “Edit” Pieces Out

15 Maximalist Living Room Decor Ideas For Your Heart's Content_15

If you’re into eclecticism, then you’ll for sure adore maximalism. Everything is welcome in a maximalist home, from vintage finds to souvenirs and collector’s items. You don’t have to hide or edit out pieces you love just because they don’t match – embrace it!

Inspired by the original article by MyDomaine

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