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3 Disappearing Living Room Design Trends That You Might Want To Avoid

If you want to be up to date, avoid these living room design trends!

The end of the year is fast approaching and 2020 is almost on the other side of the door ready to come in! As always, a new year brings the beginning of new design trends but also marks the end of some old, sometimes well-established ones. Living rooms are no exception and seem to be getting less fussy and more relaxed. Without further ado, let’s take a look at 3 disappearing living room design trends.

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3 Disappearing Living Room Design Trends That You Might Want To Avoid

1 – Meticulous bookcases

Millennials are a new generation slowly taking over, and new generations always bring new things to the table. Millennials tend have a different mindset of less possessions and more experiences, so they will decorate accordingly.

3 Disappearing Living Room Design Trends That You Might Want To Avoid
Credit: Adrienne Breaux

When it comes to bookcases, gone are the days when every shelf would have to be organized in matching groupings of books, meticulously placed in position. That’s not to say the art of organizing bookshelves is gone, but the new trend is to organize books and other items in a way that feels more natural and relaxed, evolving with one’s current personal trends and pursuits and filling them with meaningful items and tokens of experiences.

Top ID Mid-century

2 – Matching Furniture

Matching furniture is more and more a trend of the past, an old habit that is confirmed to be disappearing. As it phases out of existence, we notice that people are now preferring well curated furniture and accessories over matching pieces and overly designed ambiences.

In fact, different pieces are actually a good thing! They bring more interest and sophistication to a room while also providing more functionality. For example, you can spread different coffee tables throughout your living room and give them multiple purposes. This shift is also a reflection of the way we entertain today: nowadays, hosts and guests alike prefer more a more flexible atmosphere instead of an overly formal one.

Finally, just because your furniture doesn’t not match, that doesn’t mean it won’t match at all. What that means is that even though your pieces won’t be exactly in the same style, they will still bind together and make sense together in your ambience.


3 – Millenial Pink

Don’t worry! Everyone’s favorite shade of pink is not disappearing, but it is evolving. The beautiful rosy blush that conquered out hearts is now transitioning into a warmer version of itself, inspired by peachy undertones.

3 Disappearing Living Room Design Trends That You Might Want To Avoid
Credit: Jessica Isaac

Furthermore, other color trends are starting to come up as well. One of them being Neo Mint, a youthful fresh take on mint green that is bound to give your living room an energizing boost!


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