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Living Room Ideas Header

5 Green Living Room Ideas You’ll love 🌳

As we can’t go a lot outside, let’s bring the outside in! Go check out how you can update your Living Room to a Green Living Room! 🌱

Unfortunately, Rona (aka Corona, COVID19) is still making us stay at home. Since we’ve been in quarantine, we never wanted to go out so badly. That’s where the idea came of bringing the nature inside, in our living room. So, that’s what we’re going to talk about today, green living rooms. Let’s take a look at 5 amazing examples we found.

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The first Green living room we’ll be showing you is really our favourite. Not only because of the wild combination of brown and green colours, which make the nature aspect very clear, but also the style used in this living room. This interior is without any doubt mid-century styled. Take a look at the cute and little Billy table lamp from DelightFULL, on top of the Dandy Sideboard from Essential Home.

EH Trends

🍀 5 Green Living Room Ideas You'll love 🌳


🍀 5 Green Living Room Ideas You'll love 🌳
🍀 5 Green Living Room Ideas You'll love 🌳

The second Green Living Room we want to show you leans also to the mid-century style, just like the one above. Not only because of its simplicity but also the two-toned aspect pops up. The brown wood and green are very much capturing our attention and the white plays more as the background colour. Making this living room one of the most fascinating to see. It’s a very mid-century styled living room, because of that simplicity and the typical style of the sofa.

🍀 5 Green Living Room Ideas You'll love 🌳

Our third green living room has also a more mid-century style, but less than the two above. The simplicity makes this one of the most attractive ones. The big plants, that will give you a lot of fresh air during the day, make this room feel extra high and alive. What we mean with that, is that it brings life to your living room and therefore wit will create a peaceful ambience. The floor lamp next to the plants will shine and take over that ambience once it gets darker.

🍀 5 Green Living Room Ideas You'll love 🌳


🍀 5 Green Living Room Ideas You'll love 🌳

The 4th green living room of today is more modern and way more extravagant when it comes to plants. Here you can see an overload on plants, which was also nice to see. Because, there’s no need for other decoration, your plants will become part of your interior and will now act as a part of your house. That’s another way of designing your green living room. There are always more than enough options to make your living room feel 100% how you want it to be. So, don’t worry if you think that you want too many plants, there are always ways of making it look astonishing, just like in this one.

🍀 5 Green Living Room Ideas You'll love 🌳

The 5th and already last green living room is the most modern of them all. It’s not only about nature here but, also about making smart design. The plants are put everywhere and make part of the interior design. Look at the shells on the right, the plants make part of it, next to the other decorative objects. Every piece and every corner is connected and that makes this living room very special. The simplicity and internal connection between every designer piece and decoration piece make this living room feel special and sophisticated.

🍀 5 Green Living Room Ideas You'll love 🌳

As you can see, a green living room doesn’t have to be boring and look like you’re living in the Amazon forest. You can choose how many plants you have in your living room, just keep in mind that at night they aren’t as healthy (because then they ‘breath’ CO2 out) as during the day so don’t plant the whole amazon forest.

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Hope you like our blog post about Green Living Rooms! Bring nature inside, if you can’t go outside 😉

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