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5 Living Room Design Ideas To Brighten Up Your Summer Season

These living room design ideas are the help you need to redo your home decor project. Don’t miss the chance to be inspired by them!


The summer season is approaching, in order to enjoy it to the fullest, let’s take a look at the latest trendy living room design ideas for the world’s interior design lovers. Be inspired by the ultimate furniture and lighting designs that will turn your living room project upside down, but in a good way!

In the central room of the house, the living room is the main reception place. In order to welcome as it should be this summer, here is the first stylish inspiration that we suggest.

5 Living Room Design Ideas To Brighten Up Your Summer Season

Step aside and let the charm of wickerwork! This new decade makes us want to get back to basics. Wicker is a material full of charm and simplicity, it brings us into the heart of nature in one second. For sure, this Mediterranean design will make you travel. Thanks to the minimalist design trend and the assortment of white and cream colors, your living room is ready to be as bright as ever.

Colour combinations are a major key asset for a trendy living room. It is with its sophisticated colour combinations the next living design room ideas will inspire us.

5 Living Room Design Ideas To Brighten Up Your Summer Season

The alliance of round curves and soft lines make a perfect blend. This cold colored sofa with yellow pillows and golden furniture design makes us go from one season to another in an instant! Oh, and while we’re on the subject of golden furniture, have a look at Essentiel Home’s Konstantin center table, its the perfect match for this kind of look. Let’s go back at it, did you saw this rug? Can you see the ocean reference? With the blue and white we are almost there!

Speaking of the ocean, let’s live life in blue! Check out this modern living room inspired by a beach house design.

White furniture and blue pillows and the major part are made! Patterns are very strong in this interior design, it represents the strong element of the look. Do not forget people, patterns are very trendy and this design shows us that. They can give another dimension to your living room design ideas, as you just saw, so do not be afraid to play with them!

Our fourth crush is without a doubt this superb living room designed by our teams! Pieces of worked wood elegantly positioned in the decor. A meticulous assortment of warm and cold colors, sets of cushions and stunning curtains that make us land in Marrakech. Have you seen how the Cannonball chandelier delicately dress this design?

Last but not least we have an extraordinary example from our living room design ideas list. This living project is a perfect mastery of style combinations.

5 Living Room Design Ideas To Brighten Up Your Summer Season

Scandinavian furniture in soft colors that brings you the sun in an immediately, add a center table with fine lines and a humble design and remember to include a patterned carpet and pillows and voila!

We hope this article has inspired you for your Summer decoration project!

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