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5 Living Room Ideas To Transform Your Space

Want to transform your space, inspired by the new season? Here are 5 living room ideas that will make it seem like the easiest task in the world!

It’s never easy to completely transform our homes, as inspired as we might be. Our living rooms are the first thing our guests see when they enter our houses, and the place they spend the most time in. It’s also the place that welcomes us in after a long day outside. Of course, we want to make it look pleasant and cosy. The new season also incites us to re-decorate our homes, but that can quickly become an expensive activity. With our Living Room Ideas, it’ll be easier to change your living room!

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1 Change Your Layout

Do you perhaps have placed your furniture against the wall? Facing the TV? Feel free to play around with your pieces. Maybe try placing a big sofa in the middle of the room, you’ll feel the impact immediately.

Smaller pieces are also easier to play with. They’re perfect to place near a window so that you can enjoy the natural light as much as possible. Prioritize pieces with the colours of this upcoming season: whites, light pinks, warm oranges for a touch of bold, …



2 Welcome Plants In Your Home

5 Living Room Ideas To Transform Your Space
Source: Pinterest

It’s universally known by now that greenery can bring life to any space, and that’s exactly what we’re looking for to transform our living room this season. Add plants according to your preference and lifestyle (plants you know you can look after – a dead plant can ruin a living room just as much).

3 Adapt The Seating

Would you prefer a long sofa so you can lay down after a long day of work? Or perhaps several small armchairs so that your guests can comfortably talk while facing each other? Think about your living room needs and adapt the seating strategy – sometimes, just changing a single piece is enough to make the whole room look totally different and efficient.

4 Pay Attention To The Light

5 Living Room Ideas To Transform Your Space
Source: Pinterest

If you can change your living room layout so that you can enjoy as much natural light as possible, that’s definitely a plus, but don’t forget that it’s not enough. Complement your living room lighting with a statement piece in a central point of the room, so that it’s both efficient and bold.

5 Create A Small Bar Area

We’re sure your guests would appreciate such a small change in a corner of your living room, that takes almost no effort to come up with. It will definitely make everyone want to visit often. The best part is that with any solid surface and a couple of bar chairs, your bar area will be created, and your living room will be thriving.

With these simple suggestions, we’re sure your living room will have a fresh look for the upcoming season, and that both you and your family and guests will take the most out of the change! Are you ready to implement them?

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