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5 Low Profile Sofas That Will Look Amazing In Your Living Room

Sofas don’t have to be bold to work. If you need low profile sofas, you’re in the right place.

You may already have a rather statement decor in your living room and you’re just searching for a low-profile sofa that will make it all come together, but you can’t seem to find the right one. Today, we present you 5 low-profile sofas that you will desperately want in your living room decor right now!

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Doris sofa features a vintage vibe that surprises with brass elements and a velvet seat, but stays relatively low-profile, allowing other furniture pieces to shine brighter, despite its unique design. The vintage vibe doesn’t stand in the background, but it provides a nice nostalgic feel.

5 Low-Profile Sofas That Will Look Amazing In Your Living Room_1

Novak sofa in velvet is not only extremely comfortable but a fine example of a low-profile sofa that can also stands its own ground, providing style with neutral colors and a square design. When you pair it with bold colors on armchairs and some wall art, it’s perfect for any living room!

5 Low-Profile Sofas That Will Look Amazing In Your Living Room_3

This low-profile light grey velvet sofa features curvy lines and stunning craftsmanship techniques. It doesn’t work as a statement piece, but it’s perfect to complement your statement armchairs, center tables or even sideboards. Some mid-century acessories will add a wonderful twist to your living room.

5 Low-Profile Sofas That Will Look Amazing In Your Living Room_4

Covet NYC, one of the best luxury showrooms in the world, this grey velvet sofa features a contemporary vibe that everyone adores. With a slight touch of mid-century vibes, this sofa doesn’t steal the show but it provides comfort and style with a touch of luxury.


Marco sofa has a touch of Italian craftsmanship with all the style of mid-century design that features a contemporary twist. Its dark burgundy leather makes it feel sober but stylish, the perfect choice for any living room.

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