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5 Summer Proof Home Lounge Décor Features – Discover More!

Get ready for the summer, with a nice homemade lemonade.
Feel inspired for the summer with these amazing Home Lounge Décor features!

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Before we dig a little bit deeper into these amazing Home Lounge Décor features, we have to take a look at why you should have one in the first place. A home lounge brings not only your family together, but it acts as a place where you can enjoy. It brings peace and it functions as a barrier between your inner peace and work/stress. So, enough reason to have one with great decorations!

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Let’s take a look at our first example with a nice home lounge décor. What we notice the first is that this design is clear and simple. There’s not a lot going on, you have the basic grey colours and the touches of brown and green of the plants on the left. This leans more towards a living room than the average lounge, but a lounge is fully personalizable so there are no rules for how big or small you house lounge should be.

The second of our 5 examples has a more traditional, but mid-century style, approach. To be summer proof, your home lounge decor should have a lot of light coming in, it would be even nice to have windowed walls than can be opened (like a veranda). The design of this lounge brings all different styles together, with a combination of both luxury designer furniture and lamps. a bombastic lamp like the Botti suspension and the little Vicinius side table.


the Botti suspension from DelightFULL
the Vinicius side table from Essential Home

Our third home lounge decor is also up with this year’s summer trends, thanks to the open design and combination of blue and light-toned colours. The nice features of this lounge are the bookshelves on the left and the simplistic painting above the blue sofa. There has to be, of course, a plant to give the room extra life.

Our 4th example of a great home lounge decor is also mid-century styled from top to bottom. This lounge has a life than the other ones, because of the art and plants we see on the wall, there’s more to see and to feel. What this lounge makes it so special is the touches of gold you see everywhere. From the comfortable reeves armchairs to the astonishing little Turner table lights. The gold makes this living room/lounge feel way more luxurious than the other 4, making it a more professional ‘negotiation’ lounge.


the Turner table lamp from DelightFULL
the Reeves armchair from Essential Home

Our last home lounge decor is one of our most summer proof, thanks to the light brown accents and the light grey colours. The big plant makes this lounge also feel like you’re on vacation on a tropical island. This lounge is the perfect example of a read-a-book-lounge. It embraces a calm atmosphere and it automatically makes you feel happy, thanks to the soft and modern-ish colours.

Pouf and wooden table in modern living room with painting above grey corner couch. Real photo

There you go, here you got 5 amazing home lounge décor examples that will help you make your own amazing summer proof version.

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There you go, hope liked our 5 Summer proof Home Lounge Décor features

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