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8 Creative Color Palettes For Your Living Room Decor

Still searching for the perfect color palette for your living room decor? We have some ideas for you!

White living room walls with neutral furniture is a classic, sure, but if you really want some color in your living room, making it trendy, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ll be inspiring you with 8 creative color palettes you should have in your living room decor right now!

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Peach & Green

8 Creative Color Palettes For Your Living Room Decor _1

You ever thought that peach and green would go together? It’s not the most obvious combination but it’s one that works incredibly, especially with a mid-century modern or contemporary style, Add some green armchairs, peach on the walls, and, of course, some brass on the center table or accessories, and you’re halfway towards a luxury living room of your dreams!

Editor’s Choice


Blue & Pink

8 Creative Color Palettes For Your Living Room Decor _2

This eye-catching living room features a baby blue paint on the wall that goes great with baby pink accessories and luxury brass or metal accents. Even marble will look amazing and elevate the sophistication in the room so it won’t feel like you’re decorating a child’s bedroom. If you know how to hit this combination right, you’ll have an incredible project on your hands.

Editor’s Choice

Pink & Yellow

8 Creative Color Palettes For Your Living Room Decor _3

If you’re like top interior designer Sasha Bikoff, then you probably enjoy the maximalist style and can’t wait to find the perfect furniture pieces in soft pink and yellow that will maxime the style and sophistication without having to give up on the youthfulness. This whimsical place feels timeless and we’re sure you’ll be able to achieve the same look with these hues!

Raspberry & Turquoise

8 Creative Color Palettes For Your Living Room Decor _4

For the bolder design aficionados or artists, raspberry and turquoise will bring a special playfulness to your living room that you’ll certainly won’t want to give up on, no matter your age. Combine it with wall art and black side tables, and don’t forget the velvet in the sofa (it’s a must!).

Editor’s Choice


Yellow & Gray

Gray is a typical neutral color, classic and timeless, but you can always improve on it with a pop of color. Neutrals don’t have to feel boring, especially if you had a color such as yellow on the pillows, curtains or even lighting pieces. A center or side table in brass will also do the job!

Editor’s Choice

Green, Blue & Beige

8 Creative Color Palettes For Your Living Room Decor _6

Green, blue and beige can really bring a fresh vibe to a living room, giving it a new life. If you intend to keep your walls in a beige, you can always bring color in your furniture pieces. A green rug and a blue velvet sofa, gold accents on your accessories, and you’ve got it going on!

Purple & Lime

8 Creative Color Palettes For Your Living Room Decor _7

Deep purple and lime green can seem overwhelming to add to your living room, but trust us, you’ll have the luxury living room of your dreams in no time with this color palette. Purple velvet sofa with lime green velvet armchairs, a brass floor lamp and black sideboard, center table and other finishes, you’re almost there!

Editor’s Choice


Turquoise & Beige

8 Creative Color Palettes For Your Living Room Decor _8

Nothing like a turquoise living room to brighten up your mornings (and days!) but did you know you could easily combine it with a neutral beige to make it pop even more and create an amazing balance of neutral and bold? Go for a light beige sofa and stool and bet on turquoise walls and armchair. It will certainly bring a smile to your face!

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