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8 Living Room Wallpapers And How To Style Them

Revamp your decor with outstanding living room wallpapers!

A good decor can be achieved by various means. However, your background is always the basis for everything and the rest of your ambience should be inserted in it. This background can be provided by a beautiful wallpaper. Today, we have a selection to show you!

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Wallpapers are very practical decor options! Why? Well, walls are everywhere. They are basically free real estate for decoration. Furthermore, when a removable wallpaper goes out of style, you can just take it out and put another one in its place. Finally, they are not old-fashioned anymore, since nowadays they can be found in the most diverse colors, patterns and motifs, from florals to stripes and everything in between.

But perhaps the most important aspect is the fact that they cover up entire walls. This means wallpapers can become the focal point of your decor, which makes composing your ambience an easier task. However, being able to cover up entire walls means that their versatility can prove itself a double-edged sword as your wallpaper decor can become overbearing. But do not despair! Just because they cover up walls, that doesn’t mean you have to cover all of them. You can choose one and keep the other walls more sober.


Now, we believe these suggestions are very important things to consider when taking up the task of creating an actually good ambience using wallpapers. But you’re not here for that! Without any further ado, check out these 8 living room wallpapers to freshen up your living room decor!


8 Living Room Wallpapers And How To Style Them
Photo by William Waldron

Patterned blue wallpaper and cushion fabrics by Nancy Kintisch, along with sconces by Atelier de Troupe, add charm to a Moroccan-inspired room.

Textural neutral wallpaper

Photo by James Merrell

Inside the living space of a historic Long Island farmhouse, the curtains are made from a Home Couture fabric and the textured sandy wallpaper is by Phillip Jeffries.



8 Living Room Wallpapers And How To Style Them
Photo by Oberto Gili

A whimsical wallpaper steals the show in this Ken Fulk design, which also includes armchairs upholstered in a Jab Anstoetz velvet, J. & J. Kohn dining chairs, an antique Adolf Loos cocktail table, and carpet by Stark. Over the original 1930s mantel is a photograph by William Eggleston.


8 Living Room Wallpapers And How To Style Them
Photo by Simon Upton

A maximalist space, like this living room crafted by New York-based designer Frank de Biasi, calls for an understated wall covering. The designer opted for a blue mini-pattern wallpaper by Doug & Gene Meyer to keep the focus on the mix of art, colorful seating, and a circular rug by Niba Collections.



8 Living Room Wallpapers And How To Style Them

The Back to nature range is designed with low environmental impact by Courtney Brims and portrays beautiful illustrations of animals and plants that are not quite what they seem.

Cultural motifs

8 Living Room Wallpapers And How To Style Them
Hindustan aquamarine by Maison Margot

It beautifully represents the wonders of India. It is printed with eco-friendly inks and can be wiped clean, making it really practical.


Watery freshness

8 Living Room Wallpapers And How To Style Them
Electric lagoon blue by The Electric Department

A water-inspired wallpaper filled with hues of blue and green. Perfect for a refreshing touch of nature.

Red stripes

8 Living Room Wallpapers And How To Style Them
Photo by Johansen Krause

The energetic Upper East Side apartment owned by the late Lee Radziwill included a living space with walls, curtains, and a daybed all covered in a vintage Rubelli stripe in red.

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