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Top 5 Art Deco Style Living Rooms To Die For



Despite what we might say, we all love the classics, with its impossible love stories, the unique smell of an old book, the unstoppable rhythm of the 50’s music, even if we wanted we couldn’t resist. If you are a hopeless romantic like I am, and simply love the art deco style then sit back, relax and enjoy the next post with some Art Deco interior design ideas. Luckly to where you’re going, you don’t need roads!


Art déco is a tendency and one of the best interior design styles that evokes the old times. It was a fever between the Wars and it was brought back to life some years ago as one of the most sophisticated interior design styles. What really matters is that is brings us the sweet memory of our parent’s house and who doesn’t love remembering their childhood times?

Take a look at our Top 6 living rooms that truly evoke the art deco movement and be some living room style inspiration. With our ideias, you will be the king of Art Deco in no time!

Top 5 art deco living rooms to die for

Image credits: Blog The High Boy


Nº 5

Starting from the bottom but it doesn’t mean we love this any less!  The art decor interior design style is completely present in the living room below and the BW pictures hanging matched with the darkness of the wall, create a perfect match! The dark colors give the living room an atmosphere of luxury and sophistication, traditional of the art deco movement, and the furniture is simply delicious. Can you spot my favorite part of this living room art deco style? Yes that’s right, the ornamented ceilings, which give a more classic look. It sounds correct say: Ambrosio? Yes Madame. I need something.

Top 5 art deco style living rooms to die for

Image credits: Pinterest


The best way to recreate an art decor style living room is to just use bold shapes and mix classic colors like nude, white, black and green. Don’t you just adore the living room style inspiration below? I do and I made a decision: I will start saving, starting now, and this living room will be mine!

Top 5 art deco style living rooms to die for

Image credits: Jonathan Adler Instagram

Nº 3

Oh yes, this one is a beauty! All whites and nude, crystal chandeliers, marble floor and to finish, 2 beautifully selected armchairs facing the fireplace. When I look at this living room it comes to my mind, little girls playing Mozart at the Piano and its parents enjoying it near the fireplace, such a classical thought I know.  This living room creates a sense of luxury and tradition, typical of the art decor style, and it’s one of the best living room style inspirations I’ve ever seen!

Top 5 art deco style living rooms to die for

Image Credits: Vismara Designs


Oh this fireplace is definitely something! How is it possible to be unhappy in this living room? All the light, the marble floor, the wood furniture, but the title for “Star of this art deco interior design style living room” goes to .. The Suspension Lamp. I can’t be sure if I am more in love with the way it resembles tree branches or with the candles in each branch. I have to confess, looking at this lamp made me instantly recall “The Beauty and the Beast” movie, unconventional, luxurious with a touch of rebellion, it´s pure Art Deco style perfection!

How on Earth can anything surpass this Art Deco living room style?

Top 5 art deco style living rooms to die for

Image credits: Architectural Digest


Have I just died and went to art deco interior design Heaven? Oh God, I’m sure I did. Hello? Hi, I live here!

I thought it would be impossible to surpass the last living room style but I was so wrong. This one has it all! It’s bold in its mixture of fabrics, it uses premium colors, it recreates the sense of sophisticated aged that the Art Deco movement is always trying to evoke, and it has BW pictures of iconic artists on the walls. How more Art Deco style could this get?

Top 5 art deco style living rooms to die for

Image credits: Home Design Ideas




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