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Asian Inspired Living Rooms You Don’t Want To Miss Out On

Avoid the never-ending rush of your daily life with these living room ideas

Asian inspired living rooms instantly evoke an image of serenity and tranquility. Being a fusion of several different styles, that range from the Japonese and Chinese to exotic Indian themes, for most is often dominated by oriental influences, originated in the Far East several centuries ago.

Come along with us in this cultural travel and gather amazing living room inspiration.

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Asian Inspired Living Rooms You Don’t Wanna Miss Out OnAsian Inspired Living Rooms You Don’t Wanna Miss Out On





As we said before, Asian inspired living rooms pass a strong message of harmony and balance, archived due to a few key elements that help create a stress free environment.

To start, the perfect backdrop- mainly inspired by the colors of nature, that many times mimics landscapes and reinterpret natural colors to suit the interior. The backdrop, as we can see exemplified in the images above, is as neutral as possible, in order to create a soothing atmosphere with a relaxed and laid-back vibe.

Asian Inspired Living Rooms You Don’t Wanna Miss Out OnTo complete the look, and archive balance between visual and texture, add glass partitions, natural stone decor, wooden floors, bamboo blinds and a few organic textures in a poised fashion.

To get asian inspired living rooms, you can even consider adding a cool water feature to input equilibrium into the space, as water has a calming effect that will add a extra touch to your home decor.

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If what you’re looking for to add to your living room is a contemporary, asian inspired chair with golden tones and black seat, the Reeves Chair by Essential Home is perfect for you!

Asian Inspired Living Rooms You Don’t Wanna Miss Out OnAn asian inspired living room is truly complete only with vibrant accent hues that stand out when placed in calm and neutral settings. Remember to add subtle black hues and combine the soft neutral backdrop with exquisite golden tones to create a majestic living room.

Sculptured lighting and paper lanterns are also a must, as stylish hanging paper lanterns, sculptural lighting installations and a few carefully placed candles go a long way in creating a room decor inspired by the Far East!

Asian Inspired Living Rooms You Don’t Wanna Miss Out OnCreate an organic and sustainable design. This is one aspect of Asian design that is simply irresistible and should appeal to the eco-conscious homeowners out there.

Add sandalwood incense, scented candles and beautiful wind chimes to elevate the Oriental feel to your Asian inspired living room. Complete with a few potted plants and shrubs that bring in nature’s goodness and you will instantly notice the transformation of the modern home into a comforting and serene hub.

Both sound and aroma play a critical part in shaping our perception of various settings and in making the room a far more pleasant space.

We hope you enjoyed these living room designs and got inspired to create your own asian inspired living room paradise.

Make sure to share with us if you took our advice and how was the turn out, we’d love to hear it!

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