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The Most Beautiful Modern Living Rooms On Instagram

We know we live our life in Instagram now, and most of our favorite interior designers use this platform to share their stunning projects. And because Instagram is the little Pandora box of enchanting designs, it’s time to take a look at some of the best beautiful modern living rooms on Instagram.

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A little velvet goes a long way! This year, it’s all about green forest, one of the biggest trends for 2019, and this living room takes the most out of both worlds: velvet and green forest. Mixing metals, amazing wall art and the right shades was what made this living room make it to our modern living rooms list.

Editor’s Choice

Natural light has always been a major yes on our part. It works every time! Elevating the luxury and beauty of the modern living rooms, bring the natural light in and mix it with some wooden elements and plants and you’re good to go! Soft colors also help creating this stunning look.

Blue is the perfect color for a peaceful living room. The shade that reminds us of the sky or the sea can bring another level of zen to the family room. A couch with a grey color, some decorative pillows with a bolder color and throw in some wooden elements to make it feel more personal, more rustic and overall more stunning.

Editor’s Choice

If you have a spacious living room, you better work with what you got! A large living room gives you so many options, from the furniture to the style, the color scheme and layout. You can’t go wrong with golden elements (using brass is a good choice) and soft neutrals or pastels.

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A mirror above the fireplace is always an excellent choice of a living room accessory. Pairing it with brown or mustard furniture pieces, white fluffy rugs and silver or gold elements bring the most out of your space.

Editor’s Choice

Diamond Big Mirror

Last, but not least, this classic living room with a contemporary touch that truly captured us. Marble in side tables, a navy blue upholstered sofa and wooden elements matched with beautiful patterns in the rug. We adore it!

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