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Big Living Room Rules You Should Break In 2019

There are rules that are made to be broken, find out which ones!

At some point in the past, you might have heard the expression “Living Room Do’s and Don’ts”, but that has changed now. You don’t need to be bound solely by what others are suggesting or what they think is right or not when you are redecorating your living room. You can run risks and it will look great anyway! Scroll down and get inspired by some of our best big living room rules that were made to be broken.

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Don’t use dark colors in a small room.

Big Living Room Rules You Should Break In 2019Surely, this is the rule! Everyone knows that they should avoid using dark colors on the walls in a small living room, right? You have already heard that many times, because It is believed that will make the room feel smaller. However, now is not more a rule! Actually, dark colors make a small space feel larger.

Your rug has to be just the right size.

Buying a rug that’s too small for the space is normally seen as a huge mistake. However, the rules exist for a reason, but there’s often an equally good reason for breaking them. Certain colors and patterns, especially when combined can make the rug appear to be larger.

The ceiling has to be white.

Conventional decorating wisdom says that white ceilings reflect light and make a room brighter, but neutral colors can make you feel bored. Painting your living room with different color is not for everyone, but you can definitely make a statement.

Don’t mix patterns.

Adding different patterns is a fun and easy way to build a unique and full of personality living room. Don’t be afraid to fill it with bright throw blankets, patterned throw pillows and combining two different patterns that share a similar color. Now this will be your favorite space!

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