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Into Boho Style? We’ll Show You 8 Boho Living Rooms To Replicate

Boho living rooms–  a dream for someone is a nightmare for others. That’s why we love it to have so many interior style opportunities to chose from. Every individual has their own style. Here are some for the unconventional beings under us. Everybody who loves to express their own liberty and crazy head into the interior design will be fire for the boho-chic style.

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The Bohemian style is more than style, more it is an attitude. The word ‘Bohemian’ comes from the French word gypsy and the style directly call the pictures of some hippies, artist, gypsies or at least some free spirits. The style itself is so individual like each soul, they really express themselves in their furniture and decor.

If you are a big fan to structure and order, you and the bohemian style will not be best friends. But for those who are searching for the freedom to really express yourselves in your colorful, individual living room, just say hello and start with us a little journey through stunning boho living rooms!

Into Boho Style? We'll Show You 8 Boho Living Rooms To Replicate

Let’s start with some calming style. This boho living room has really just one purpose: to relax and forgot all the troubles. With the bright shades, which are used for the whole interior, it has a sedative effect on us. The fluffy rug is inviting us to just lay down and read one of the magazines. But where do you should lay down? On the fluffy rug or on these comfy sofa edges? These troubles will be really your only, what a life heh? With the plant and the colorful pillows, the room is getting its finish.

Into Boho Style? We'll Show You 8 Boho Living Rooms To Replicate

This style is pretty much inspired by nature and all the darker colors highlighted with some bright color sparkles. With all the earth tones you are grounded the first time you enter and the rest is easy for you: just lie down and put your legs up.

Into Boho Style? We'll Show You 8 Boho Living Rooms To Replicate

Here the base is very clean and bright. With completely white/beige walls and a sofa in the same color, the environment is a perfect basis for boho decorating
used in the natural color palette, from shining to matte material. The patterned you can identify with the Boho style to 100%. It is an unusual quite place for boho style. But look, both are possible!

Into Boho Style? We'll Show You 8 Boho Living Rooms To Replicate
Step for step, ok? Now we are stepping into the colorful and more expressive area. See these bright living rooms use a lot of colorful and pattern pillows to give some boho style into the interior. Because of the surrounding, which is very basic and designed in natural tones, the pillows get an impressive appearance. All the colors are from the same color family, but with different patterns. The black piano gives the eye a good contrast to the rest and the plants do their thing great, too. The willful art paint with his outstanding design on the wall needs no company, it shines for itself.

Editors Choice:

Into Boho Style? We'll Show You 8 Boho Living Rooms To Replicate

Hitchcock Rug


Into Boho Style? We'll Show You 8 Boho Living Rooms To Replicate

Here they use a pastel rose sofa as the center of the room, which looks very unique with its shape.  The color is giving the room a really sensitive atmosphere, and all of the wooden decor, furniture, and the floor are identify with nature a lot. All in all, it looks a little bit like a colorful charming paradise.

Into Boho Style? We'll Show You 8 Boho Living Rooms To Replicate

Ok for all weak among us, a warning in advance: it will be colorful! Very colorful. So be prepared. This pink heaven is just the beginning. But yes, Boho style is like you want to have it, and there are obviously a lot of crazy and creative souls out there! So make space your own and have no doubt how! Back to this unique design. Of course, it is a matter of taste, but these pink sofa and the stool are well placed because of the stone wall behind them. The hard wall structure is giving a good contrast to the kitschy furniture.

Editors Choice:

Doris Sofa



Into Boho Style? We'll Show You 8 Boho Living Rooms To ReplicateBohemian Style Tip: Fill Every Space. With an eye toward variety and diversity in color and form, choose objects that you love and use them to fill every visual and physical spot in the space. The sky is the limit, here – think art, books, furniture, fabrics, pillows, sculptures, plants, lamps, or whatever else makes your heart sing its free song. Remember, you’re trying to create a cozy space full of life and a sense of the well-traveled, well-lived person.Into Boho Style? We'll Show You 8 Boho Living Rooms To Replicate

To calm you down a bit, here’s a quiet boho design, which works with warm earth shades and gives us a feeling of arriving because of the exact look to the lights. Soft lighting creates a special, comforting atmosphere. This is a key element to show your treasures’ best face in the space.. So whatever you like, just remind yourself less is Less, and More is More. As if to pack space with as much personality as possible, the Bohemian style encourages a sense of stuffed-to-the-brim.

 An interior that embraces Boho-Chic should appear busy, almost chaotic, and yet confident and happy in its fullness. Cover the walls with beloved items, fill surfaces with textiles and color. Just fill it- fill your boho living rooms with a lot of love and happiness. 


written by Lena Meißner

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