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Coleman Floor Lamp A Tribute Piece To This Legend

Add Coleman floor lamp to your living room décor

Celebrate Coleman Hawkin’s birthday and, maybe, consider purchasing his tribute lighting piece that will add a flare of Industrial style to your living room décor.

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Today we celebrate Coleman Hawkin’s birthday with a lighting piece by DelightFULL that honors this 20th-century musician, meet Coleman Floor Lamp! Born Coleman Randolph Hawkins on November 23, 1904, this early 20th-century jazz musician helped shape the 20th century Jazz style.


coleman floor lamp

Coleman floor lamp embodies the ideal mid-century modern floor lamp design. Inspired by the early 20th-century jazz legend Coleman Hawkins. Coleman is the perfect example of how the style of an artist can be transmitted to other mediums, his versatility, and simple and sophisticated jazz style.

With a straight-forward design, the Coleman floor lamp features an all-brass body and an aluminum shade, plus, a steel and marble base, all of these parts can be customized to your liking.

Coleman, being a simple floor lamp has everything to be an adaptive piece that can fit into almost any modern home setting. The fact that you can customize it, also helps Coleman floor lamp be a versatile piece.

Coleman floor lamp is the perfect testimony that an artist’s influence goes way beyond their time on earth, tributes and homages pave the way to an artists legacy.

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