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Coloured Sofas: The Trend You Should Know How To Use

Coloured Sofas the new trend for each living room! Not everybody has the courage to design this important room in this showy style- too many doubt of being limited in the way of styling, doubts about cleaning a bright material or or or…

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Because of our fear, we decide often for things who tend to be much more boring than our visions are- but hey, they are at least very practical or? Every furniture and color is fitting to a grey sofa, for example. But does it really satisfy you or are you ready to risk something, the risk to have a fancy unique living room?

A friendly introduction to our new favorite: Millennial Pink

Coloured Sofas: The Trend You Should Know How To Use

One of the trendiest colors nowadays, which conquered the interior design world. In the past, we saw a lot of wall decoration in this color, but now a millennial Pink upholstery piece is nearly a must-have in your living room. This trend is often mistaken. Nearly everybody is thinking about this color in the wrong way: too girlie, too sweet, too sugary. We answering with a strict NO! With simple little adding the pink sofa or armchair will be stupendous! Lot’s of Bohemian Styles using monochrome accessories as a partner to the Pink and voila you will get a nefarious look. Or just add black and white as a good contrast, these colors are cooling down the pink a little bit and you get a chic living room furniture set.

Coloured Sofas: The Trend You Should Know How To Use

You like it much more dramatic? No problem: One possibility for you is to place the pink sofa against a dark emerald green wall. That creates a powerful and very dramatic, contrast look. These look benefits from the addition of shiny metals or sparkly crystals, or just a trendy velvet pillow? Choose your favorite!


Mustard Yellow meets Grey

Coloured Sofas: The Trend You Should Know How To Use

Which color can cheer up the minds the most? Yes, we are talking about Yellow.  Some already saw a chic mustard yellow armchair in the living room of a friend and fell already in love with this trend, others never heard about it? Stay tuned! Yellow will help you with all the grey days out there, it will give you some dose of sunshine no matter which weather. It’s also the perfect color to offset against those dark grey walls we’ve all been decorating within recent years. But be careful, yellow should be used only in single elements and maybe with some small adding decor, but do not overdo it!

Editors Choice:

Coloured Sofas: The Trend You Should Know How To UseSophia Corner Sofa

Mustard Yellow meets Blue

Coloured Sofas: The Trend You Should Know How To UseYellow and Blue are the opposites color on the famous color wheel. That means they have a big contrast, but also that they fit together very well, maybe exactly because of the contrast?! Often you can see these two colors together in nature, and how we already know, the advice to add natural colors and materials is always a good idea. So why not adding some floral cushions or curtains as a reference to nature?

Editors Choice

Minty green – another popular shade

Minty green, such a smoothy color! With this color as a foundation you have the opportunity to mix it with all pastels, because of their softness, they will not fight for the first place, instead, they harmonize very well! Here good advice is to add a lot of natural materials, to bypass the danger of kitschy endings!

Editors Choice:

Coloured Sofas: The Trend You Should Know How To UseRomero Sofa

Let us welcome the spring and summer, and just enjoying our colorful living room!

written by Lena Meißner

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