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Delightful Tiny Living Rooms That Enchant Us

Tiny living rooms that you will find in tiny houses are the hit! The tiny house movement is in trend for some years, and it is really simple. Decrease and simplify your possessions to the essentials and focus on the really important things in life! 

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Delightful tiny living rooms which enchant us

Small but charming. Nowadays in times where your rents get higher and higher alternative models of living are needed. So why not thinking about live in a tiny house?


To live in a small room is maybe a special challenge but nothing impossible. Every square meter must be planned very thoughtful and the interior must be functional. The most perfect combination is not only thoughtful, but it is also even damn pretty, a masterpiece in the interior design!

Delightful tiny living rooms which enchant us

Let us start with something very bright. This tiny house’s interior has some beaches and nature charming. With all the white fronts it feels kind of big, and gives us enough space to breathe. No feeling at all of the narrowness which a lot of people are scared of. The sofa looks very fluffy, and the side able allows a place for one or two wine glasses in the evening.  And for all of us who really need the escape into the virtual world, have a look on the right wall, do you see it? A flat tv allows even comfy evenings with your favorite film!

Editors Choice:

Delightful tiny living rooms which enchant us

Gable Sofa

Delightful tiny living rooms which enchant usYou see even a corner couch can find a place when you plan it really thoughtful. All these windows giving us the smart feeling of being outside and even with the small square meters here you will feel much more free than in some other living rooms and you are nearly once with nature.

Delightful tiny living rooms which enchant us

Not a big sofa, right. But for two it fits perfectly with the sitting stool in front where you can put your feet up or even have more sitting possibilities when you get some visits. This is definitely a thoughtful element. Also, it gives you some storage space. One element, so many functions, we love it!

Editors Choice:

Mansfield Sofa

Delightful tiny living rooms which enchant us

And voilá, one more variation of a tiny living room. A sofa which is spreads over both corners and welcomes a lot of people to nice sit-ins. Use it as a sofa or transform it at night into a nice bed for guests.

Can you guess why we are so enchanted into tiny houses living rooms? A feeling deep inside us just tingles, when we only think about it.. the 100% cozy cave we had in our childhood! Say yes to less!

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