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They Did It Their Way: The Sinatra Inspired Mid-Century Design

Celebrate this mid-century design with us!

Today we celebrate Frank Sinatra’s birthday and celebrate his legacy. Celebrate Frank Sinatra’s birthday alongside us and DelightFULL!

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mid-century design

Frank Sinatra was arguably the most important popular music figure of the 20th century, in a professional career that lasted 60 years, he demonstrated a remarkable ability to maintain his appeal and pursue his musical goals despite often countervailing trends.



mid-century design

Sinatra finally retired from performing in his 80th year in 1995, and he died of a heart attack less than three years later. His popularity as a singer and his productivity has resulted in an overwhelming discography. Sinatra is so much of a 20th-century icon that it is easy to overlook his real musical talents.

white finish

DelightFULL originated from this very own piece, the Sinatra floor lamp. An important and influential mid-century design piece that helped DelightFULL burst into the lighting design scene.

white finish

Sinatra floor lamp is one of the best mid-century design lighting pieces for any modern home decor setting. Fully handmade and customizable, your Sinatra floor lamp can be a standout piece or just blend with your home decor, the choice is yours.

white finish

We also wanted to mention DelightFULL Sinatra suspension lamp. An inspired mid-century design piece that anyone can enjoy! Get that intricate and playful suspension lamp that shares the same traits as its floor lamp counterpart!

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