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Discover The Different Italian Living Room Styles

Made in Italy”, a slogan which includes a lot of different aspects. Simultaneously this little sentence expresses high quality and requirement, and so does the Italian living room. Inspired by the vast influence of Italy on urban design, industrial design and fashion design worldwide Italy is recognized as being a worldwide trendsetter and leader in design. A lot of imagination, culture and the good compound between the past and the now is a huge help for all the creative minds out there.

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No surprise that ‘ISALONI’, the Design Furniture Fair this year takes place in Milan. From the 9th of April to the 14th of April here, in one of the biggest Design Metropoles, the most well-known members of the design interior world meet each other.

Italian interior is often a mixture of strong opposites, a mix of new and old elements. So a certain finesse and restraint interior gives a feeling of rest, coziness and pleasant home comfort, which is a must-have nowadays. And with some reminder of the past, traditional elements often give an elegant and venerable touch to the new interior style.

Let’s start with some traditional Italian living room

Discover the most different italian furnishing styles

The picture on the top shows a traditional living room inspiration of the Italian way of life. The use of warm colors, like beige, yellow, orange and pale punk is very common, as a calm contrast the walls are painted in dirty white or Snow White. Antique furniture from natural wood is a must have. Lacquered oak or pine are primarily used species – old, richly decorated sets with expensive elegant upholstery that will always be relevant for a luxurious living room.


White Italian living room

Discover the most different italian living room styles

Contemporary meets rustic- This white living room is filled with contemporary details such as modern appliances without compromising the rustic Italian aesthetic of the building itself. It radiates harmony through new and old.

Luxury meets tradition

Discover the most different italian living room styles

This design interior beauty is equipped with a terracotta tiled floor and is adorned with a lot of love. You see the heavy golden candles lit, and the ceiling which took your breath away. It is one of the frescoes by the Zuccari brothers, true Renaissance masters. All these traditional elements mixed up with luxury mid-century and contemporary furniture are a very unique combination, you can be sure there is no living room like this again!

Editors Choice

Discover the most different italian living room styles

Florence Stool

Mediterranean richness

Discover the most different italian living room stylesThe Mediterranean style is the most refined one. Normal wallpaper like here is not seen often in this style. Much more often they use Venetian plaster, mosaics or wall paintings to get the right feelings and impressions. They developed individually for each interior, created by hand,  this ensures its effectiveness in the Italian living room style.

written by Lena Meißner

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