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Experience The Most Sophisticated Armchairs Of The Mid-Century Modern

Sophisticated Armchairs give us so much choice with all possible variations and colors. It is obviously difficult to decide. Important selection criteria for your new armchair darling are definitely the shape, form, and material. But the room style in which it should fit in should be considered. That does not really make it easier!

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In order to be a helpful support in these difficult days, we present you in the following six different chairs. We hope it does not get you into more trouble because these sophisticated armchairs really amazing!

Stunning Mixture

Experience The Most Sophisticated Armchairs Of The Mid-Century modern


We present Ellen Armchair, which is a great mixture of the contemporary and mid-century style. Also, exciting mixtures are the contrary shapes of the design, the curvilinear open back contrasts with a rectangular shape on the front creates a strong appeal to continue to look at this sophisticated armchair. This is additionally reinforced by the velvet cover of the chair. In its fir green, it is definitely a feast for the eyes of every room. And in addition to the trend, you are also with it!


Strong Lines Armchair

Experience The Most Sophisticated Armchairs Of The Mid-Century modern


Do you need something expressive? Then we have something special for you! The Hudson Armchair stands out with its straightforward design and its very clear mid-century elements- one of the most classic design pieces of Essential Home. You can really see the high- quality materials which are used for this masterpiece. The Designer worked with solid walnut wood, dark blue leather and polished brass and out came this timeless and endlessly stylish furniture piece which will fit nearly in every interior, so nice uncomplicated!

Cozy Giant

Experience The Most Sophisticated Armchairs Of The Mid-Century modern


Marco, a really unconventional armchair. With its special round shape, it brings a comfortable and damns stylish shape and fits into any interior design project. The round shape curvy arms of this sophisticated armchair are exactly what you need after a long day, to just relax on. Searching for a piece that fills your space with mid-century inspiration, can be kind of special? This is your piece, I promise!

Function and Style


Here comes a multi-talent. Russel armchair can be used in variable rooms! It makes a good looking in your private living room but also does a got job as a lounge bar chair. Choose one location and the chair with its futuristic lines and crescent armrests lead to an open back, will convince you! And even if that is not the case, at the latest when seeing the enchanting velvet they will melt away. To come to an end: you already know it’s very stylish but where is the function? There is one more secret: the round golden brass base is not only looking gorgeous its invite every adult to be for a moment child again! The base can swivel 360 degrees and hell ya that means big fun with this sophisticated armchairs!

Desirable Mid-Century Piece

Experience The Most Sophisticated Armchairs Of The Mid-Century modern


More chair inspirationAs a homage to great personalities of the past, this armchair identifies itself a hundred percent with the mid-century. When you want to be sure with the style definition and you search for an armchair that fits in every surrounding, like a restrained gentleman, than Dandridge Armchair is just perfect for you! The broadcast is solely based on the use of the materials, so it is your choice what character it has in the end, this is definitely a wonderful character, or?

Modern and Feminine

Experience The Most Sophisticated Armchairs Of The Mid-Century modern


The sensuality of Hollywood’s actors is reflected in the velvety and round body of the Bardot Armchair. The rolled seat and the slightly reclined back on the rolled seat are a wonderful composition to have some cozy hours in your living room. Through the tiny tapered legs in polished brass, the chair is getting ease, which is perfect in connection to the female reflection!

Which chair inspiration do you prefer and which of these sophisticated armchairs convince yourself? 

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