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Fall Decor Trends For A Modern Living Room Of Your Dreams

Fall decor trends that you can’t miss this season!

Our job is always to inspire you, and as a season ends and another begins, we’re drawing closer to the reveal of new trends, more design fairs, new ideas in the world of design. As Fall draws in closer and closer, it’s time to take a peek at what will be the Fall decor trends you need to apply to your modern living room decor. Find out everything right here!

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Dramatic Neutral

Fall Decor Trends For A Modern Living Room Of Your Dreams_1

Neutral design has been a trend for quite a while now and it will continue to be this Fall/Winter, exuding elegance and sophistication. These seasons to come, expect more dramatic neutrals, more chic, with bold patterns and brown leather sofas, wooden center tables and grey armchairs, and that mid-century black leather lounge chair on the corner of the living room.


Large-Scale Wallpaper

Fall Decor Trends For A Modern Living Room Of Your Dreams_2

One of our favorite winter 2019 interior design trends is not just wallpaper, but large scale print wallpaper. Bring the outdoors in with botanical prints, or try solid backgrounds for a more subtle pop. You can even bring your favorite pattern into the mix, match with patterned rugs and a solid comfy stool or sofa.


Statement Pieces

Fall Decor Trends For A Modern Living Room Of Your Dreams_3

Sometimes what really saves a room is that one statement piece, the focal point of the space, that draws attention and inspires. This Fall, we encourage you to find a statement piece for your living room that will prepare you to go bold and experience new things. A light fixture, a bold colored sofa, or oversized art, having a statement piece is a great starting point.

Modern Boho

Fall Decor Trends For A Modern Living Room Of Your Dreams_4

Modern design mixed with Boho flare had to be on our list for latest interior design trends to watch. The common misconception with this design style is the need to “over decorate” the space. We don’t intend for you to go maximalist, you can enjoy a simple boho space with a modern and even a mid-century twist.

Round Furniture

Fall Decor Trends For A Modern Living Room Of Your Dreams_5

This one is not just a Fall/Winter trend, but a 2019 all-year-round trend that we have seen in design fairs since the beginning of the year: round furniture. Adding curves to a room gives a sense of depth and texture, making it feel more relaxed and comfortable, instead of square, obtuse and impersonal. With the cold seasons arriving once again, it’s easy to bring a peak of sunshine and relaxation into your home with curved furniture.

Here are some examples of curved furniture perfect for a modern living room!

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