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How Masquespacio Celebrates Beauty Through Art And Design

Masquespacio is an award-winning creative consultancy created in 2010 by Ana Milena Hernández Palacios and Christophe Penasse. Combining the 2 disciplines of their founders, interior design and marketing, the Spanish design agency creates custom-made branding and interior projects through a unique approach that results in fresh and innovative concepts. Today, Unique Blog will dive into Masquespacio’s art direction world: a true tribute to Pop art culture.

Pop Art is widely regarded as the most significant artistic movement since 1945. Reflecting on the cult of celebrity, commodity fetishism and media reproduction that permeated everyday life in the postwar era, Pop Art continues to shape our society’s cultural self-understanding to this day.


The incredible team of Masquespacio also has an impressive art direction work with a unique style and eclectic touch, and today we’ll show you how you can be inspired by these pop art culture vibes!

How Masquespacio Celebrates Beauty Through Art And Design_1
Image Credit: Masquespacio

Pop art is characterized by vibrant, bright colors. Primary colors red, yellow, and blue were prominent pigments that appeared in many famous works. Humor is also one of the main components. The design duo uses the subject matter to make a statement about current events, poke fun at fads, and challenge the status quo.

How Masquespacio Celebrates Beauty Through Art And Design_2
Image Credit: Masquespacio


How Masquespacio Celebrates Beauty Through Art And Design_3
Diana Suspension Lamp | DelightFULL
How Masquespacio Celebrates Beauty Through Art And Design_4
Image Credit: Masquespacio

“Photography & editing by LZF Lamps & CualitiLife-Size ‘Dreams’ is a campaign realized for LZF Lamps in which the big format lamps from the Valencian decorative lighting brand are presented in a fantasy world that makes the observer dream while he knowledges the sculptural forms from the Life-Size collection.”

How Masquespacio Celebrates Beauty Through Art And Design_5
Image Credit: Masquespacio

“The design for L’Atelier Rouge starts with the clients’ needs to actualize its website and brand after 5 years of existence on the American market. L’Atelier Rouge in search of a fresh and modern design studio contacted creative consultancy Masquespacio with the requirement to maintain its “Floral punk” image, but with a more contemporary and minimalist touch. Bright and bold colors are mixed and combined with very L’Atelier Rouge’ illustrations and photography’s of flowers, that result in a global modern and ‘cool’ image, without loosing sight at the seriousness the brand wants to transmit to its clients. Talking about the patterns, they are based on the different flowers and plants the American brand uses for its designs, while each of the members from the multicultural team of L’Atelier Rouge are hided behind the flower heads. Last, the combination of forms, bright colors and sketches represent the edginess from L’Atelier Rouge, concluded into a totally customized brand and website design.”

How Masquespacio Celebrates Beauty Through Art And Design_6
Image Credit: Masquespacio

“Create a new identity for Missana’s new collection of contemporary products The Novelties, including the art direction of the exhibition spaces and selection of new textures and materials.Solution: Masquespacio besides being in charge of the art direction from the exhibition spaces and selection of textures, commissioned young emergent designers that will design contemporary products for Missana to reach new market segments.”


How Masquespacio Celebrates Beauty Through Art And Design_7
Perry Dining Chair | Essential Home

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