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How to Organize Your Living Room Decor in Under 30 Minutes

Living room decor should be organized to work for you

Living rooms are used for so many purposes that organizing them often reveals itself as quite the challenge. It’s no wonder they often end up so filled with clutter, considering how many times they are used for so many functions. Read on for a few tips on how to clean up and turn your living room organization from a field of war into a functional and pleasant space.

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Remove what doesn’t belong

Anything that does not belong in the living room should be removed as quickly as possible. Collect these items and return them to the rooms or storage places they belong to. This is the best place to start in order to declutter your living room and make it more tidy.

How to Organize Your Living Room Decor in Under 30 Minutes

Lost Objects Area

You might come across items that belong in the living room but have no proper place. To tackle this, create a home for these lost objects. It doesn’t matter where, all that matters is that the location works for you and the chosen location will the consistent home for these objects. Remote controllers, for example, can be quite a plague!

How to Organize Your Living Room Decor in Under 30 Minutes

Eliminate the Disaster Zone

Most rooms have a chosen piece of furniture that serves as a dumping ground for everything you don’t know where to place. If your living room is equipped with one of such items, then this is your chance to neaten it up. It will make the entire room look much cleaner.


Make it functional

Organize your living room in order to make it as functional as you can. Is there any action that feels inconvenient to you, like reaching for too long to pick up the remote control? Or perhaps you sit down on the sofa and remember something you need to buy from the supermarket and have to get up in order to get the shipping list? You can place the remote control always in your side table along with a pad and a pen, for example.

How to Organize Your Living Room Decor in Under 30 Minutes

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