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India Interior Design: Learning From the Master Raja Aederi

The current India interior design scene is one of the fastest-growing, more exciting across the globe. Raja Aederi might be one of the reasons why…

Raja Aederi is of the masters when we speak about India Interior DesignBut what makes a master? In this case, his experience and knowledge gained from all over the world. Raja learned from Frank Lloyd Wright, worked in the USA and UK on buildings like Warner Brothers and Hilton Pane. Well, the student has become the master and it was time to get back to India. His firm started was a pioneer in Mumbai around 1972. Raja has now one of the most experienced companies in India operating on interior design and architecture.

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Sheraton, Udaipur

Sheraton is a building in expansion and one of the most admired of all. This building was designed around the ’70s and it still is remarkable with an admired architecture. Sheraton turns out to be more than a hospitality project, it’s now a place to stop an appreciate the beauty.

India Interior Design learning from the master Raja Aederi

Mantralaya Precinct, Mumbai

Mantralaya Precint is one of the federal buildings that Raja Aederi Consultants Pvt. Ltd was a part of. This building was designed to be and thought with an architecture ahead of his time. This is one of the projects that let him into the top interior designers in Mumbai.

India Interior Design learning from the master Raja Aederi

I.F.C.I. New Delhi

India Interior Design learning from the master Raja Aederi

A corporate office to an intelligent system company must have an innovative architectural design – the mission has been accomplished. IFCI is one of the largest buildings it represents the evolution in the India interior design scene.


Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi

India Interior Design learning from the master Raja Aederi

This premier conference center in India was redesigned and won in a design competition.

This construction captures influences from Raja life which leave him in the international interior designers list. Even though this center is in India, his life allow him to design buildings with international approaches and influences.

Grow with times

India Interior Design learning from the master Raja Aederi

These three different projects show how architecture had grown. Part of the Residential and federal buildings portfolios different approaches were used.

Pereira House, with an irregular shape, is one of the earliest buildings of Raja. Is known by the hyperbolic roof, which was innovative at that time. Once again, reflects everything that he had learned during the study years. Luxury Apartments at South Mumbai and CBI Headquarters has a modern design, using more regular shapes and clean lines.

Raja Aederi Consultants Pvt. Ltd. has been, for sure, leaving a legacy in India Interior Design. So many great projects, time by time, we can’t wait to see more!

Delhi Office :

 Hotel Meridien 8, Windsor place New Delhi 110 001

Mumbai Office :
201, 2nd Floor, Indian Newspaper Society, Plot No.C-63, G Block,
Opposite Trident Hotel, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai 400 051

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