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Loft Living Rooms Which Creates Freedom and Creativity

Loft living rooms– ideal for lovers of free space, airiness and natural light. Everybody who loves to mix old and new aspects is heartily welcome. But stop for a minute, what exactly means the word loft?

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Characteristics of a Loft

A Loft often describes a modern urban style in interior design, which is characterized by open space and a few industrial elements in decor. Often you find high ceilings, raw brick walls, exposed beams, and pipes or cement floor. Of course not every creative, freedom-loving people who want to have a loft is able to have one- sadly- they are very rare and popular. But you can also only add the style of Lofts in your surroundings and get a little bit of that light free space feeling. Here are some examples which styles are typically for Lofts( and not only for Lofts). Pick your favorite design!


Loft Living Rooms Which Creates Freedom and CreativityIn this beautiful Loft, you can feel with one view that the pieces selected with passion and creativity. New design solutions, like the abstract chandelier, meets old, shabby furniture. Interior items that you will not find only in Ikea. This living room is giving space to breathe and it is at the same point art by itself. With the combination of the different colorful items, it creates a playful and warm surrounding in contrast to the cold industry base, like for example the use of steel and cement.

Editors Choice

Individual Loft Living Rooms Which Creates Freedom and Creativity

Bardot Sofa


Individual Loft Living Rooms Which Creates Freedom and Creativity

The industrial design is the most popular loft type. The old house charm is definitely one of the characteristics of it, as well as the big pipes on the walls. To create such a comfortable feeling, like in our example, in spite of everything you have to add some inviting chill area and of course a fireplace would rock the whole surrounding! But be careful with the furniture, it must stay very functionality and is not allowed to go kitschy. Add also some unique flea market accessories, they are always topping the industrial living room!


Individual Loft Living Rooms Which Creates Freedom and Creativity

Of course, there is also a style for glamorous lofts. In these pictures, the gray-brown shade fills the whole room. In this living room the typical attribute of lofts, the light tones, allows the maximum penetration of the sun. Not only the furniture but also the wall painting is lightened up the room. In every glamorous loft, the decor plays the leading part of the interior. Wood, beige, with some warm red and brown touches and some plants let the sun reflect the room optimally, it seems alive.

Individual Loft Living Rooms Which Creates Freedom and CreativityHere we have an unusual example for you! Like already said, dark walls are not used that often in Lofts, because the most important thing in this style is to give light the leading part. But here one wall is painted black, and the other is an old masonry, so all by all it is a very dark surrounding. The use of light here gets another function. With different kinds of lamps, the interior designer creates particular attention to some parts of the room, a very purposeful use. The decor fits the walls and the sofa is giving a cozy area, like every living room needs. The wooden doors and the stack of wood decentralize the darkness and giving some natural aspects to the industrial and chic.

Editors Choice

Loft Living Rooms Which Creates Freedom and Creativity

Novak Sofa

And ta-da, now you are sure a fan of Loft living rooms, too. We hope you are inspired if you are a lucky loft owner or not!

written by Lena Meißner

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