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Living Room Ideas Header

Living Room Decor Ideas for Every Taste

These are the living room decor ideas that are fit for every personal style!

Today is a great day to talk about living room decor ideas for everyone… Whether you prefer a classic, Scandinavian or an eclectic design, we’ve got it all. We love pretty much all kinds of design because we believe that when done properly and with taste, any living room can look great regardless of the style used.

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So, today we bring you a special selection of different kinds of living room decor. Here you’ll find modern, classic, eclectic, Scandinavian and some other great styles, like Moroccan-inspired or even Japanese. However, when choosing the style for your living room, don’t forget to take into consideration your home design and, of course, your personality.

Now go ahead and take a look at our favorites!


Living Room Decorating Ideas for Every Taste

Japanese-inspired, this very minimalist, and modern living room design works great with light colors such as white, beiges and grays. Add a few lightwood touches and don’t forget to keep it low…



Living Room Decorating Ideas for Every Taste

Living Room Decorating Ideas for Every Taste

Both these modern living room decors look great. No one can deny it. Even in their differences, they still maintain a very clean and organized vibe, not too minimalist, but not too crowded either, like in a French-styled decor, for example. Add an iconic lighting design to the mix, and you’re good to go.



Living Room Decorating Ideas for Every Taste

Living Room Decorating Ideas for Every Taste

Talking about French, the French Country style is also guaranteed to make your living room look super classy and casual at the same time. Make sure to choose neutral colors and don’t go too overboard with the details. The secret: keep it simple.



Living Room Decorating Ideas for Every Taste

Minimalist enough, with just a few hints of color to make the otherwise neutral interior design pop. Go for a few bold patterns and very clean-lined furniture pieces like that sofa and the coffee table.


Living Room Decorating Ideas for Every Taste

Throw a few oversized cushions on the floor, add a bold-colored-rug to the mix and a typically Moroccan coffee table and you’re on your way to achieving a beautiful Moroccan-inspired living room.


Living Room Decorating Ideas for Every Taste

Super trendy and elegant, Scandinavian design is definitely here to stay. So join the hype and grab a few white and gray items to help you put together your Scandinavian living room.



Living Room Decorating Ideas for Every Taste

Undoubtedly one of our favorites, the mid-century modern style is nostalgic and super elegant at the same time. Don’t be afraid to choose strong patterns and colors, like mustard, tangerine, and pastel greens like seen above.

Editor’s Choice

Hudson Armchair

Monocles Sideboard

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