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Living Room Ideas Header

Living Room Designs with Brass Details: stools and lamps

Here you have a selection of stools and lamps made of brass for you to use in your current living room design project. This article is Powered by DelightFULL and Essential Home.

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Living Room Designs with Brass Details bruneck floor lamp

Be delighted by the new modern standing lamp. Brass tubes are carefully covered with the desired finish and gently joined together in order to attribute a contemporary lighting effect. The result is a functional lighting with a double proposal: besides to be a sculptural lighting able to enlighten any setting, a set of floor versions can also be transformed into a modern room divider that you can light up. Brubeck is vailable in a wide range of finishes: gold, nickel or copper plated, brushed brass or nickel, Aged brass or any RAL lacquered color.


LIVING ROOM IDEAS BRASS DETAILS monocles sideboard by essential home3

If you are a fan of the James Bond world, you will certainly be dazzled with this golden eye‐catching piece. This sideboard was named “Monocles” and it’s 100% prepared for Martini and Gin bottles. Made of solid walnut wood and brass with knurled details ‐heavily inspired in our fixtures. Circles are engraved on the sides and back in the walnut wood while the three golden doors fulfill the setting with a kind of ‘kiss kiss bang bang’ spirit. Designed by Essential home.

LIVING ROOM IDEAS BRASS DETAILS side table by Essential Home3
Botti Side Table created by Essential Home adds an extra je ne sais quois to every cocktail hour. Like a golden hourglass full of jazzy tunes, this table would fit perfectly in your lounge area. The golden finish of the brass material adds to it something that screams out for luxury details.

Living Room Designs with Brass Details brubeck

Back to art deco and again with musical inspiration, this time through the dramatic pipe organ. Brubeck suspension fixture is an instant classic sculptural design. An extravagant shape full of refinement and modernity. 100% handmade in brass tubes it’s possible to create any shape or dimension: round, oval, square or rectangular to perfectly suit your dining table or hotel lobby. Was designed by DelightFULL and it’s the suspension version of the floor lamp we showed you in the first place.

Living Room Designs with Brass Details delightfull botti

Like an orchestra, Botti embodies all the details of wind instruments and takes us to a music concert. Its structure is handmade in brass and gently covered by a golden mantle, a monumental piece which shows the exquisite capacity of Delightfull’s skilled artisans. Botti suspension fixture will surely mark a ‘before’ and ‘after’ in any setting.

Living Room Designs with Brass Details counter stool essential home
Remember Casablanca barstools? Now bring it to the present time, add a modern touch and an explosion of color. The whole shape of the chair can give you the impression that you just walk into a 50’s or 60’s bar, on the other hand, the golden base and feet of the Kelly Bar Stool chair can make you feel that you are on a 50’s…very luxurious bar. Designed by Essential Home.

Living Room Designs with Brass Details janis floor lamp by delightfull
Do you remember “Best Of The Best Gold” by Janis Joplin? It could be only a song lost in the sixties, but it became a Delightfull standing lamp: Janis floor lamp is a contemporary floor lamp which recovers the golden jazz spirit of 60’s. Covered by a golden bath, this entrance floor lamp was designed to make a powerful stance, turning any place into a classic majestic setting.

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