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Fall Living Room Ideas (And What To Avoid)

Warming up will be easier if your living room is prepared for Fall.

Summer is almost over and it is now time to prepare for Fall. Adapting your living room to an autumnal ambience can be tricky in the vast territory of living room ideas. But that’s what we’re here for! Today we are presenting you with some decor ideas to create your own Fall living room and also a few things you will want to avoid.

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Living Room Ideas For Fall (And What To Avoid)


The colder Fall season is actually characterized by warm colors. Darker hues of red, orange, yellow, brown, purple and green will be everywhere, so you may want to try to incorporate them into your living room decor.

These colors should stand out from the very basis of your living room, which is usually the color of the walls and flooring. Make sure your furniture and decorations stand out from such colors.

Living Room Ideas For Fall (And What To Avoid)

If you can’t rely on natural lighting too much, you might want to adopt colors that will liven up the ambience of your living room. On the other hand, if you can afford a lot of natural light, maybe you’ll want a bit of the opposite.

What not to do: don’t go throwing colors around randomly! Give some thought to the color palette you want to use by choosing colors that compliment each other.Living Room Ideas For Fall (And What To Avoid)You Can Find This Year At 100% Design


When I think of Fall, I think of soft blankets, warm scarves, and fluffy pillows – one has to fight the cold somehow! I always think it’s a good idea to render this feeling into the house.

In a living room, you can try to evoke a sense of coziness by opting for furniture pieces that make use of soft materials, like velvet upholstered armchairs and sofas (which are also very sophisticated), and accessories. Speaking of coziness, mid-century style furniture prizes itself on being comfortable.

Living Room Ideas For Fall (And What To Avoid)

It’s all about the textures that will just want to make you curl up and drink a cup of a tea on a rainy afternoon – soft cushions and blankets galore!

What not to do: avoid cluttering your room with too many comfortable things. A room is only comfortable if you have space to move in it and if it’s not visually tiresome.

Seasonal Decorations

You don’t necessarily have to stick to all the traditional clichés of the season. That means you won’t have to put orange pumpkins in every corner. You may want to create your own Fall wreath to display on a wall or over the fireplace, for example. Another idea is to use natural elements such as plants and even fruits that evoke an autumnal feel.

Living Room Ideas For Fall (And What To Avoid)

What not to do: it’s very easy to go overboard when decorating for a specific reason. Avoid getting too excited, as it might make your living room overwhelming.

So there you have them, some ideas for Fall decor ideas to create your very own Fall living room. Get cozy!

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