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Living Room Wallpapers To Make A Statement

There’s no wall decoration that is as versatile as wallpapers. Be bold with them!

Wallpapers never really go out of style. They’re so versatile that you can keep changing your living room decor with them. And they definitely don’t have to be old-fashioned any more! In this world of living room ideas, you may find that you can make a statement using living room wallpapers and still be edgy!

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There are plenty reasons why wallpapers are one of the best living room decor solutions that you can make use of. Walls are everywhere at home, so they’re really free real estate to improve your furnishing. Have you ever thought about that? It’s so much empty space that you might want to use to improve your living room decor!

Why are they so stylish and practical? – you may ask.

First, they never really go out of style, and that happens for a few reasons. Being removable, you can always change them or remove them entirely. They are a quick and easy solution to install/remove and transform your room. Also, they are extremely diverse with a never-ending number of colors and patterns to choose from.

Second, using wallpapers is not old-fashioned any more! Wallpapers are so diverse that you can find colors and patterns that are edgy, playful and contemporary, showing a more quirky side. Nowadays, they are more like artwork than just a simple background decoration.

Third, since they cover up walls, they are a focal point of your decor. That means composing the rest of your ambience can become an easier task. The most important thing to keep in mind is that wallpaper decor doesn’t have to cover all your walls. You can just choose one and then leave the remaining walls plain, though not necessarily white – you can pick on one of the colors of the wallpaper. Moreover, since wallpapers are like artwork, you can keep the usage of other wall artwork to a minimum. Finally, you can keep furniture clean and simple and the flooring neutral.

Finally, keeping up with sustainability awareness, wallpapers are more and more produced with the environment in mind. For example, they can be made and printed with entirely organic materials or be sold in biodegradable plastic-free packaging.


Bold Wallpapers For Your Living Room


‘Back to nature’ original wallpaper, Courtney Brims

The Back to nature range is designed with low environmental impact by Courtney Brims and portrays beautiful illustrations of animals and plants that are not quite what they seem.


Living Room Wallpapers To Make A Statement
Harvest Hare, Mark Hearld

It is a single color wallpaper printed using water-based inks and paper from sustained forests. It brings you a charming handmade feel.


Living Room Wallpapers To Make A Statement
Hindustan aquamarine, Maison Margot

Beautiful, it represents the wonders of India. It is printed with eco-friendly inks and can be wiped clean, making it really practical.


Living Room Wallpapers To Make A Statement
Hip Hop Graffiti Wallpaper Mural, Wallsauce

Great for teenagers or anyone who wants to create an impact in their contemporary living room!


Living Room Wallpapers To Make A Statement
Electric lagoon blue, The Electric Department

A water-inspired wallpaper filled with hues of blue and green. Perfect for a refreshing touch of nature.

To sum up, living room wallpapers are quite versatile and should be left to a single feature in order for them not to become overpowering. And you can definitely use them to make a statement!

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