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Maximalist Living Room Ideas That’ll Maximize Your Life

Minimalism seems to be what trends the most, but some people just crave for more!

Minimalism is a personal journey to discover your own specific needs and achieving them. It is quite a mellow definition of success. However, some people are a bit more… enthusiastic. If you are a follower of minimalism’s evil twin, check our maximalist living room ideas to boost your home into awesomeness!

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Maximalist Living Room Ideas That'll Maximize Your Life

Rule 1: Calm down.

You have things you love and you want to be surrounded by those things. That’s basically maximalism. But please consider that despite being a lot it doesn’t have to (nor should it) be a random mess. Well, maybe just a little…

Maximalism is an explosion of things, but there are rules. Fill your living room with whatever things you like, but establish unified patterns. Maximalism is about creating order from chaos. You can have unifying colors, but decorations that don’t match them at all, for example. Don’t aim for perfection with maximalism.

Color Burst!

A large palette is necessary. Colors are the foundation of maximalist decor. The usual rule is to choose dark colors for the walls and then decorate the area with furniture and accessories that bring bright and daring colors which will stand out and balance the entire color scheme.

Maximalist Living Room Ideas That'll Maximize Your Life

Decorations Happy Hour

Another major aspect of maximalism is wall art. You can fill your walls with art and you don’t even have to care about matching frames and colors. In fact, you shouldn’t! The more different the better and it should all stand out from your wall color.

Maximalist Living Room Ideas That'll Maximize Your Life

More is more in maximalism, so bring in the things you love. And that means everything and anything: furniture, colors, materials, accessories, you name it. Whatever you like is eligible to be used. But don’t make it random! Find common colors or patterns to repeat throughout your area, but think of it as an over-decorated cake: it’s super fancy and that can be either appetizing or repulsive.

You can also make your living room very, very comfortable. Bring in all those blankets and cushions with crazy patterns that too long have been hiding in your closet!

Mid-century Modern Accents? Yes!

Mid-century Modern style is characterized by simplicity and that’s not very maximalist. However, some mid-century modern furniture and accessories are livened up by very bold and vibrant colors. That means you can add a vintage touch to the excessiveness of maximalism. There is nothing wrong with a little merging.

Maximalist Living Room Ideas That'll Maximize Your Life

Mid-century Armchairs That You Could've Seen In Your Favorite Movies

Did you like these maximalist living room ideas? Be unique and maximize away!

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