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5 Maximalist Living Rooms You’ll Want To Replicate

You want to search for this new trend you heard about: maximalist living rooms. Of course your first thought is the intelligent search engine Google. Everytime the best idea to get in touch with new informations! But hold on, this time Google is confused.

Minimalist interior? Google suggest.. No, we want to talk about the total opposite of this trend! We proudly present maximalist living rooms ideas! In the literal sense you will only find  little differences of two letters- but  in reality, worlds lay between these two trends.

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In the Past, Design was the meaning of reduction and purism. For decades the strength of Bauhaus and even nowadays the famous nordic interior scene characterize the ideal of Minimalism. Multiplicity was a long time known as tasteless.

But now, its time for a change: long live the abundance! The maximalist living room is Inspired in the home interior of british people, who always used some colorful, detail loved and extravagant pieces to reach their interior fitting goals..

Let’s have a look at super charming maximalist living room ideas!

5 Maximalist Living Rooms You’ll Want To ReplicateSet up and pile up instead of tidying up and reducing!

Maximalist interior design is a bit of everything. You’ll find a  lot of decoration and a various mix of styles. The meaning of a piece is much more important than the price significance. It’s a very personal furnishing style, somehow it is the living room ideas  for the individualists of this world.

5 Maximalist Living Rooms You’ll Want To ReplicateThe use of many accessories are typical for this trend, so you’ll find walls full of frames like in this wonderful inspiring maximalist living room. It is a colorful and lovely mixture messy arrangement. It doesn’t matter in which color, shape or material the frames are, just sample them and bring them in the order how you like it. Your passion is what matters!

5 Maximalist Living Rooms You’ll Want To ReplicateAlso rugs with all of their possibilities of different patterns or kitschy accessoires are possibilities for your decoration- nothing can be too much or wrong in this trend. On the top the living room is decorate with many personal different kind accessories. In the living room below you can see some kitschy details, like the golden cactus statues on the table. So many cute details to find!

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5 Maximalist Living Rooms You’ll Want To Replicate


5 Maximalist Living Rooms You’ll Want To ReplicateIn this marvelous living room they also used different kind of pillows. Every pattern, color and shape is allowed! Choose your favorite mixture and starts your individual look.

5 Maximalist Living Rooms You’ll Want To ReplicateHere you see a big flower print on the wallpaper, which is often used in the maximalist living room. Not only on wallpapers the flower catch your eye, even the use of playful flower printed couches or armchairs are characteristically for the maximalist interior design. The effect of this colorful print is to get a mildness female touch which is often in contrast to the dark surrounding. Normally it is hard to arrange the rest of the interior to it, but here you will have no struggle with it! Only put together what you think fits- believe us, it is the easiest and most effective way to get your dream maximalist living room.  

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A little reminder: More is more!

5 Maximalist Living Rooms You’ll Want To ReplicateThis is really a trend where you are inspired to feel comfortable. In a maximalist living room the only thing which really matters is YOU.

written by Lena Meißner

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