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16 Mid-Century Armchairs Your Living Room Desperately Needs

A living room is never complete without the right chair. Today we’re showing you 16 mid-century armchairs to choose from.

A must-have in every living room when it comes to completing its decor, armchairs have a certain way about them. They can be both the focal point in a mid-century living room or just an accent piece to bring the decor together. Either way, having the right chair in your living or family room can make it or break it, so today we are sharing with you 16 mid-century armchairs that will most definitely make your living room feel finished, comfortable, and an aesthetical dream.

Our selection comes from Essential Home, a mid-century inspired furniture brand based in Portugal, which handcrafts all their furniture and keeps its production local. The luxury brand only works with high-end materials, whether we are talking about fabrics, or marble and wood.

Swipe through the gallery below to see all 16 modern accent chairs!

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