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Mid-century Minimalism In Your Living Room

Minimalism is trending. If you are a minimalist, or trying to be one, here are some living room ideas worth trying out.

Minimalism isn’t about not possessing anything. Instead, it is a personal journey to discover one’s particular needs and achieving them without going overboard. As far as home decor is concerned, mid-century modern style is marked by the simple and the vintage. Today, we bring you some living room ideas that take after mid-century minimalism.

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Mid-century Minimalism In Your Living Room

One of the defining characteristics of mid-century style is simplicity. It is a very moderate style, not being too eager to do anything, but also showing some flare if and when needed. Seems pretty in line with the recent trend of minimalism, doesn’t it? Needless to say the same goes for mid-century minimalism.

Minimalism is quite personal. What is essential to you is not necessarily what is essential to someone else. That being said, simplicity seems to be a general factor for most minimalists. To most, not going overboard is… well, essential.

If you’re about to press the mid-century modern style into your minimalist living room decor, then know that there are some rules that you might want to follow in order to create a relaxing environment that is not overwhelming in any way.


Mid-century Minimalism In Your Living Room

Mid-century Modern is based on a mostly neutral color palette, inspired by white, grey, cream, and pastels, for furniture and structure. Then, small (or more discreet) accents of more vibrant colors might be introduced, such as artwork decorations, particular pieces of furniture, details in furniture, or even plants! Pink, red, yellow, orange and gold are some popular choices for such details.

Mid-century Minimalism In Your Living RoomLight

Mid-century Minimalism In Your Living Room

Natural light is of crucial importance to mid-century modern. If you enjoy the benefit of having large windows, then you can more easily build a minimalist living room. If you have access to a decent amount of natural light, then choosing a color scheme will be an easier task. You might want your walls painted a more neutral color that takes advantage of  large amounts of daylight, as well as choosing furniture in that same line.

Mid-century Minimalism In Your Living Room

As far as materials go, light is also an important factor. If you have a lot of natural light at your disposal, you might want to opt for decorations that are made with materials of less sheen, such as polished metals, choosing instead frosty finishes.


Mid-century Minimalism In Your Living Room

Furniture is perhaps the most iconic feature of mid-century minimalism, or at least the one our collective awareness pictures the most. It should not be boxy and touch the ground, instead favoring long and low shapes raised up on legs, giving the room a sense of wideness. Functionality is also important, as you won’t want to have too many pieces obstructing your living room. And, of course, don’t forget comfort.

Mid-century Minimalism In Your Living RoomConcerning lighting decor, you can opt for lighting items of discreet design or occasional more vivid ones that may also act as ornaments. For example, you can have a streamlined ceiling lamp and a more vivid table lamp in your living room.

Mid-century Minimalism In Your Living Room

As for other accessories, such as mirrors, choose shapes that go well with each other. If your furniture is of more geometrical lines, then choose accessories of similar design. If instead it is more curvy, then perhaps go for more organic lines.

Mid-century Minimalism In Your Living Room

Now that we’ve given you some tips, do you feel ready to remodel your living room after mid-century minimalism? Always remember that mid-century modern style is quite adaptable. If the answer is yes, don’t waste any time!

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