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Living Room Ideas Header

Minimalist Living Room Designs To Inspire The Muse Inside You

Discover the best these minimalist living room designs have to offer you… Peace, relaxation and undeniable style!

A trendy style everyone seeks, minimalism is on the mouths of the world, continuing to be just as loved as years back. Today, we take a look at minimalist living room designs to inspire and bring out the design muse in you, to lead you to a better decor style and an improved home.

Carlo Donati Collection

Minimalist Living Room Designs To Inspire The Muse Inside You_1

Minimalism is always trendy, and in 2020 it’s no exception, especially in a time we need peace in our lives. A style focused on a life without clutter, it’s easy to understand why is so widely loved. If you’re also looking to bring this piece of heaven into your home, then we’ll give you the right inspiration for it, right here.

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Decluttering your home should be the first step for a minimalism lifestyle and home decor. Keep only the essentials and then elevate it with some personal touches that are sure to leave your room feeling more like a place you can relax in, a place that is yours. Fluffy pillows, plants and candles are sure to bring a cozy touch to it, and with a great sofa and armchairs and a touch of marble on a center table, you’ll find that you can really turn a living room into a special place of comfort.

Minimalist Living Room Designs To Inspire The Muse Inside You_3

It doesn’t take much to bring minimalism inside your living room decor. The Nordic style is known for its wooden elements so try and get this on your center table or on shelves on the wall, but don’t clutter those pieces with too much. As for color schemes, black, white and beige are the ones to choose.

Wooden floors are ideal when going for a minimalism design, especially if you’re combining the classic color scheme of this particular style. Place a gray rug on your living room, aligned with a white or beige sofa, a black center table and make the best use of natural lighting, and you’ve got yourself the minimalist living room you’ve been seeking.

Minimalism and mid-century pair up perfectly as minimalism gives a more modern take on mid-century style. The same use of furniture pieces but in lighter colors and with more use of wooden elements and plants, minimalism and mid-century can turn your living room into a true haven.

Minimalist Living Room Designs To Inspire The Muse Inside You_6

Find places to store your books and decorate with some plants and lighting pieces, and don’t forget the wall decor, whether it be pictures or simple and modern art. When it comes to armchairs, bring in some brown leather and maybe some metal elements, to really bring modernity into your living room.

Minimalist Living Room Designs To Inspire The Muse Inside You_7

A sideboard can be the final touch needed for your minimalist living room. Go for wood, preferably in a darker color to stand out from the wooden floors or the remaining furniture pieces that should be in lighter colors.


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