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Moodboards Trends: Rounded Shapes In Design

As we are always on the lookout for new and exciting trends, of course in this year of 2019, we will be presenting you with the most incredible trends we could find that will be taking over design this year. Today, we take a look at rounded shapes, not only in interior design but art and fashion.

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Moodboards Trends: Rounded Shapes In Design

It all starts with purity. This trend for 2019 started with the focus on wellness, from the use of natural materials to the choice of colors such as green forest or neutrals, all evoking nature and peacefulness. And so rounded shapes was born as a huge mark for 2019 – it’s time to use shapes that bring a pleasant feeling of order, neatness and modernity.

Moodboards Trends: RoundedMoodboards Trends: Rounded Shapes In DesignShapes In Design

Round shapes can be found everywhere. In fashion, in art, in nature – it’s all around us. These shapes are even expressed in our own bodies, and for that, it was only natural that it was to be taken into design, whether it be fashion, art, architecture, interiors, and so on. Curvy furniture will be especially trendy this year so be on the look out for that.

Moodboards Trends: RoundedMoodboards Trends: Rounded Shapes In DesignShapes In Design

Although round shapes can take the form of any color, gold will be especially present in them this year. Whether in a lamp, necklace, or a yellow outfit, a curvy brass base on a velvet armchair, golden hues will be spread across the world in 2019. Elegant and luxurious, there is no way to ignore this trend.

Moodboards Trends_ Rounded Shapes In Design_3

Soft brown and pink will also be seen alongside round shapes. Perhaps it’s the charm of the softness and elegance of these colors, that match perfectly with the fragility these shapes emanate. Perhaps it’s the fact these will be big trends for 2019 as well, along with bolder and richer colors such as Terracota. Either way, enjoy the softness and purity of them.

Moodboards Trends_ Rounded Shapes In Design_3

Softness is key and what else besides round shapes can emanate the most softness? Neutrals and pastels. In 2019, make sure these will be incorporated in your home decor, especially when paired with velvet. A round stool in velvet and brass may just be the perfect furniture piece to bring this trend into your home. Whatever you decide, an angelic beauty will be forever part of your decor.

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