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Get Moody: 5 Living Room Ideas For A Darker Decor

Sometimes, vibrant colors can overcome you.

Please don’t take the word moody as a hint that these living room ideas will be depressing. A darker living room doesn’t have to be gloomy and can certainly be sophisticated. Check out these living room ideas to create a darker yet full of life living room.

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Get Moody - 5 Tips To Decorate Your Living Room With Darker Hues

There is an assumption that the dark side of decor is a gloomy and depressing world. That is correct in many situations, but going dark can be quite dazzling if done properly. When done correctly, darker palettes can be warm, cozy, and full of life. Here are 5 tips to create the perfect darker living room.

1. Unifying timelines

For those of you who have a taste for eclectic decor, darker colors are great at tying elements from different eras. Say, you have quite a lot of vintage decorations that you don’t exactly know how to bring together, it seems that darker hues have a way of doing that pretty well and create a cohesive look.

Get Moody - Darker Colors in Living Room Decor

2. Size doesn’t matter (try a small room first)

Contrary to popular belief, dark colors might not be a bad idea for smaller rooms. While light colors are generally used in small rooms to make them look bigger, don’t rule dark colors out. Deep colors can blur de edges of walls and create the illusion of expansiveness as well. They also warm up better in the sun, so they can create a sense of coziness in rooms of any size, especially if big windows are a factor. You can also add mirrors to create more depth.

Get Moody - 5 Tips To Decorate Your Living Room With Darker HuesGet Moody - 5 Tips To Decorate Your Living Room With Darker Hues

3. A sense of balance

There has to be balance in your decor. A good way to achieve that balance is to stick to dark colors on the background (wall painting or wallpaper) and opting for lighter furnishings that offer bigger contrast to your room and add dimension. Items should pop up against the dark background, energizing the room, so make use of some interesting shapes as well.

Get Moody - 5 Tips To Decorate Your Living Room With Darker Hues

4. Less patterns

Patterns are great, but in a darker room you should use them sparingly. Darker rooms are inherently dramatic, so you won’t need a lot of patterns to make a statement, otherwise your living room will just be overwhelming. Trust your eyes and instincts and choose one or two patterns that make a statement but don’t overdo it.

Get Moody - Darker Colors in Living Room Decor

5. Powder Room – where you can test out all you want

If you’re still feeling a but uneasy about delving into the dark side of the force, then choose one specific small room where you make all the experiments you need – the powder room. This should be a room people don’t spend much time in and where you’ll be able to experiment with color and patters. Rooms that go well with darker hues are those that should feel more cozy, like libraries, for example.

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