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Orange Interior Design Inspiration For Your Living Room


Orange interior design is seen as an authentic summer trend for any home décor! This color brings a vibrant and exciting feeling to any room, especially to the one that it is the postcard of your home: a living room. Why not choose to be bold and start by decorating your living room with orange?

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Pearl Sofa by Essential Home

Inspired by the colors of summer, orange interior design inspiration represents what almost every person loves about this season: warmness, passion, and shiny sunsets! Orange is also a color that represents coziness and makes people feel welcoming. Although orange can be a color that not everyone dares to wear it, in the interior design world, orange brings a contemporary flair that can change an entire room! Let’s see how uncomplicated interior décor ideas could already catch a vibrant vibe:

Orange-Overload-Interior Design Inspiration
Marie Chair by Essential Home

Orange interior design has never been so trendy. One of the easiest ways to redecorate a living room with the vibrance of orange is by painting one of the room’s walls. You can also play with different tones of orange depending on the aesthetics of your walls. Starting also by choosing the right accessories such as chairs, pillows, or an orange carpet.

EH Pricelist
Minelli Armchair by Essential Home

A mid-century interior fitting is also a nice intelligent way to explore the inners of orange since this color plays well in suede and wood finishes. An orange interior design accent with silver-plated elements transforms the living room in a classical but fun environment, not overloading the intensity of warmness in the room.

Orange-Overload-Interior Design Inspiration
Marco Sofa by Essential Home

If you are chasing for a radical orange interior design change in your living room, don’t be afraid of choosing by not only painting the walls bringing an extravaganza feeling but also exploring other inspiration options such as orange furniture that are different designed bringing an interesting stylish nature.

Orange-Overload-Interior Design Inspiration
Moodboard Inspiration by Essential Home

Orange interior design is a summer must-have! From small accessories to furniture and walls, let yourself embrace the joy, prosperity, and excitement of this color to create a unique living room.

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