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How To Get The Perfect Mid-Century Living Room

Discover the best way to decorate that mid-century living room you pride yourself on!

The living room of every house is the pulsing heart of each home, the hole family is meeting at this place. Here they have their quality time of the week. All together they want a cozy and even functional edge. For this purpose the Mid-Century Living Room is the perfect way to reach both aspects. How you may know it is famous for matching function and design very well since Cara Greenberg rediscovered this fabulous design with her book in 1938.

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Mid-century modern is a timeless and variable design. The combination of function and unique look and the use of different shapes and materials makes it unforgettable for a huge amount of design lovers.  With the mix of simple forms and organic influence there are many different ways to use it for different spaces, even more so for living rooms.

Vintage lovers as well as modern design lovers found their passion in mid-century style, and so should you.



How to get your own perfect mid century living room

There are many possibilities to reach your personal perfect mid-century living room depending on your own expectations. To style the best possible living room a good advice is first to focus on one or two bigger furniture pieces as an eye catcher and the next step will be to decorate everything else around it.

How To Get The Perfect Mid-Century Living Room

For the cozy part of this room the use of a typical comfortable sofa like the Bardot Sofa from Essential Home for example, or the use of a striking armchair is a good start.

After that you arrange everything around it. For the functional area of the mid-century living room it would be a good idea to use a sideboard, a striking and typical mid-century furniture piece.

How To Get The Perfect Mid-Century Living Room

The last step to get your dream mid-century living room is to decorate it with some pattern rug, unique lamps, some fine golden tables with organic or geometric looks and when your room may isn’t the biggest one it would be a good solution to get a bigger roomspace looking with the help of various of mirrors. With all these aspects, you are on the safe side of a thoughtful and well-styled mid-century living room. You’ll see it’s quite easy to style it and you will love it!



More Advices!

  • The combination of wallpapers which fits to the sofa or chair colour is always a brilliant idea!
  • a few flowers or plants are always great ideas!
  • never forget comfort is a big deal!

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