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The Proof There’s No Wrong Color For Your Living Room Walls

If you think there’s a wrong color for your living room walls, then we’ll show you why you’re wrong!

Sometimes we are afraid to change it up a bit, to get our favorite color on our living room walls, fearing it may be too bright, too dark, too bold or too underwhelming. Truthfully though, there is no going wrong with adding some color to your living room walls and we’ll show you exactly that today!

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The Proof There's No Wrong Color For Your Living Room Walls

Let’s start with a blue toned living room corner? Paired up with amazing bright colors such as light browns, reds, whites and bold dark materials such as a black marble, you get an amazing living room decor that will bring life and personality to your decor. In this example, we show you Loren Armchair, in red leather, paired with the stunning Vinicius Side Table, made in marble, and the Audrey Rug with different colors that look beautiful in this set.


The Proof There's No Wrong Color For Your Living Room Walls

Even if you go for a bolder and brighter blue, it still looks absolutely stunning, doesn’t it? Whether it be a small wall in a corner, contrasting with white walls in the rest of the room, or any color you prefer, it just works! We recommend you pair up the stunning Monocles Sideboard with the Burton Rug and Hudson Armchair to complete this blue living room look.

The Proof There's No Wrong Color For Your Living Room Walls

For a more pink look, don’t be afraid to mix darker colors and white to the pink. Go for polished brass details to add more elegance, and some black and white patterns, as well as light blues that tone down the brightness of the pink a little bit more. For this look and a perfect living room corner, how about choosing to pair a pink wall with the Collins Chair? A classic choice.

The Proof There's No Wrong Color For Your Living Room Walls

Even if you’re thinking of using a dark green with a tropical pattern, why not? Pairing up with different colors works great and that’s what we’re trying to show you with this combination of the Russel Armchair, Lautner Center Table, Bardot Sofa and the contemporary Anderson Rug.

The Proof There's No Wrong Color For Your Living Room Walls

A living room with a touch of yellow and blue? Don’t be scared of it! It’s a bright color, full of life, that will make you feel right at home, and a lot more relaxed and ready to conquer the world. We decided to recommend the beautiful Dandridge Sofa with the Romero Chair, Spielberg Rug and Craig Center Table, a perfect choice for a yellow living room.


The Proof There's No Wrong Color For Your Living Room Walls

A orange/light brown is also a good choice to pair up with beiges and dark colors, making for a very elegant and classy living room. Don’t you feel like you need to stick to whites on the walls when there are so many great options like the ones we’re showing you right now. If you decide to go for this color on the wall, the Kahn Sideboard will be your favorite, along with the Florence Stool and Tarantino Rug.

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We hope you liked our article on the proof that there’s no wrong color for your living room walls. Feel free to pin all the images to your favorite Pinterest board or to print it and use in your mood board. Don’t forget to explore our Pinterest boards for more Living Room IdeasSubscribe our newsletter and receive the best tips in your email box.



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