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Living Room Ideas Header

How to Save Space in a Small Living Room

Today we are going to give some of the best ideas for your small living room. Many of these are all about making the area appear more spacious. So we will show you some strategies that can transform any living room into one that feels cozy and that will maximize your space if you pay attention to color, scale, and weight.

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Curious to see how it’s done? Keep scrolling to see some of the best tips!

1. Display Artwork Strategically

Artwork can be an essential tool to expand the height of your living room. It will make your space look wider and artistic.

How to Save Space in a Small Living Room 2

Photo ©: House Beautiful

2. Combine Storage and Design

If you want to save space that design and function should go hand-in-hand. If you need extra storage space you can choose seats with a storage beneath, for example.

How to Save Space in a Small Living Room

Photo ©: House Beautiful

3. Stick To A Theme or Color

If you have a small living room then the best choice is to stick to a single color scheme or design theme. It will make your room more stylish and bigger.

How to Save Space in a Small Living Room 1

Photo ©: Homedit

4. Scale Your Furniture

A small living room demands a scaling down of the furniture. So, find furniture that fits perfectly in your room and that allows you to have some space left, just don’t force it!

How to Save Space in a Small Living Room 2

Photo ©: 2 Ladies And A Chair

5. Install Smart Lighting

Choose lighting that can be attached to the walls or hung from above to save room on floor space.

How to Save Space in a Small Living Room 4

Photo ©: ArchDaily

6. Hang Curtains High

Curtains are very important in small living rooms. You should hang them well above the window in order to impart airiness and height.

7. Decorate with Mirrors

Designers often place mirrors strategically in small places in order to make them feel larger. You can hang one large mirror to create a focal point or you can hang lots of them in order to reflect the view.

How to Save Space in a Small Living Room 6

Photo ©: Planete-deco

8. Choose furniture with two ends

Double-duty furniture will save you lots of space. For example, this desk becomes a dining table when there are guests.

How to Save Space in a Living Room 7

Photo ©: House Beautiful

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