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Score These 8 Amazing Mid-Century Armchairs!

Living rooms are only complete with the right mid-century armchairs. Check out these 8 amazing options!

The most important thing in any living room is comfort. After all, after a long work day, is it essential to find a place where you can spend quality time with the people you live with while also being able to relax. But sometimes you just feel like be sitting in your statement armchair and do nothing else. Check out these 8 amazing mid-century armchairs to boost your living room!

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Surely sofas are great… to share! Sometimes you just want to have your own seat and armchairs have this way about them… There are moments when you just feel like curling up in your armchair, with a mug of warm tea and a good book or movie, worrying about absolutely nothing else! It’s even better when you have a statement armchair. That will sure giving you comfort and give your self-esteem a boost! Today, we will be showing 8 outstanding mid-century armchairs to liven up your living room.



Score These 8 Amazing Mid-Century Armchairs!

An amazing armchair that is as versatile as it is stylish, perfect for any living room, home office or even hotel. It is upholstered in leather, a fabric that was very popular in the 60’s, and is supported by a swivel polished brass base conveys an idea of style and playfulness. This is a modern armchair that is also easily customizable to fit exactly what you need.


Score These 8 Amazing Mid-Century Armchairs!

A comfortable wingback chair for your living room decor, inspired by the deep forest. Its body is made using natural elements, namely dark walnut wood and leather as main materials, which is then supported by round tapered legs with polished brass feet. Its clean lines are wonderfully elegant.

Score These 8 Amazing Mid-Century Armchairs!


Paying homage to some great names of the Hollywood scene, this armchair comes straight out of a mid-century dream. Produced in leather, it has a very natural and sleek look that makes it a desirable mid‐century modern furniture piece. The two armrests also make it extremely comfortable.

Score These 8 Amazing Mid-Century Armchairs!


Score These 8 Amazing Mid-Century Armchairs!

An enchanting piece fit for glamorous interiors, with a velvet touch that makes it even more luxurious than its design entails. It is fully upholstered in velvet and has a brass trim on the base, making this design as simple as it is glamorous.

Score These 8 Amazing Mid-Century Armchairs!


Score These 8 Amazing Mid-Century Armchairs!

Ellen is a sophisticated armchair, featuring a modern tub design, with a mix of the contemporary and mid-century style. Built on top of a polished brass base, this accent chair is upholstered with a green lustrous velvet and its curvilinear open back contrasts with a rectangular shape on the front.

Score These 8 Amazing Mid-Century Armchairs!


Score These 8 Amazing Mid-Century Armchairs!

A most classic piece of design, Hudson doesn’t disappoint with its typical mid-century design and strong lines. The body structure is produced in solid walnut wood with metal shoes on its legs made of polished brass. Its casual design is very sober and will be perfect for a zen moment at your home.


Score These 8 Amazing Mid-Century Armchairs!

An armchair part of a beautiful collection that brings a comfortable and stylish shape, prepared to elevate the decor of any project. Staying true to the mid-century modern style, the Marco armchair brings an uncommon round shape with curvy and comfortable arms. With a very natural and sleek look, as comfortable as it gets, this accent chair strays true to its origins.

Score These 8 Amazing Mid-Century Armchairs!


It is an outstanding piece of a moody and delicate nature that makes it an irresistible armchair. Using a rich velvet upholstery, the Grace Armchair has a layered composition, combining a polished brass base with a solid back made of ebony wood. It features a unique design that is inspired by the armchairs of the 50s and 60s.

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