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Spring Decor: Best Mid-Century Armchairs For A Colorful Living Room

Who doesn’t love a colourful living room? Colours have the ability to not only liven up a room but it also a freshness, character and a youthful element that makes interiors timeless. And what better way to do that, than with colourful mid-century armchairs to add that much-needed colour to any interior.

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Spring Decor Best Mid-Century Armchairs For A Colorful Living Room

A living room is a place that brings people together, and we call it the heart of your home. This is the first place, people get to experience what your design aesthetic is. For that reason, a living needs to show your unique personality, and that what this living does right here. You can see all the bold colours that are used throughout the room, and how there’s a perfect balance it almost looks like a Pop Art painting. Pops of colour are a simple way of elevating a room without creating too many distractions.

Another living room that brings the springtime light is this one right here. The intricate balance between the light walls and the subtle blues in the carpet, dining and armchairs and pillows, as well as the brass tones re-occurring in the pillows, lamps, and chairs. Creating a serene atmosphere throughout the whole room.

Editor’s Choice

Mansfield ArmchairMarco ArmchairCharlotte Armchair


Spring Decor Best Mid-Century Armchairs For A Colorful Living Room (5)

When we talk about spring, things that come to mind is colour, freshness, and blooming flowers. Bringing you a hint of the springtime freshness is this living room. With large windows that light up the whole room and the big mirror above the fireplace help scatter the light across the beautiful living room. As for the spring time colours, they are sprinkled all over the room, from the yellow to the red the freshness is undeniable.



Spring Decor Best Mid-Century Armchairs For A Colorful Living Room (2)

The next living room is a bit darker than the previous. And what they did here is just marvellous. By implementing the oranges, the pinks, whites and touches of green throughout the living, adds that breath of fresh air that springs famous for.

Monroe Armchair

Doris Armchair

Spring Decor Best Mid-Century Armchairs For A Colorful Living Room (6)

Another side of springtime fun is the gentle breeze it brings, and that’s why we love this living room. Because it embodies the serenity the spring breeze brings with it. The blues in the sofa paired with the windows that take up a large space of the wall. This looks simple yet effortlessly elegant. Can you feel the breeze?

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