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Summer Living Room Trends You Can’t Miss This Year

Discover the Summer living room trends you’ve been looking for!

With Summer here and the weather in our favor, it’s also time to redecorate your home with fresh and light furniture, bright and beautiful colors, and a new style for the new and improved you. Today, we’re presenting you with all the Summer living room trends that will keep you coming back for more and will surely make your living room your favorite space in your home.

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West Coast Cool

With Summer, it’s not just people that get more playful and cheerful but the decor as well. It must be something in the air or the motivation of the clear skies and bleaming light from the sun that just puts everyone in a good mood. It’s easier to be bolder or to go for a more natural look, get rid of dark colors and focus on the freshness of materials and the color palette.

Natural Elements

Summer Living Room Trends You Can't Miss This Year_2

Natural elements and organic materials aren’t just a trend of 2019 but, particularly, this Summer. Earthy tones, exposed raw wood, stone and natural plants, are all incredible ways to add this au naturale look into your living room decor. If you have a boho, mid-century or eclectic living room, this is especially good to keep in mind.

Mid-century Eclectic

Summer Living Room Trends You Can't Miss This Year_3

In 2019, it’s not about the matching living room sets and the using the same style in one space. It’s all about mixing it up and showcasing a little bit of all the best styles right now. Mid-century eclectic is what’s trending and we’re on board with this idea.


Bohemian Chic

Summer Living Room Trends You Can't Miss This Year_4

What better time to throw in your home some boho chic than during Summer? It’s appropriate for the season and it’s incredible colorful and natural, perfect to bring that fresh look of peace and beaming light into your life.


Layers Everywhere

Summer Living Room Trends You Can't Miss This Year_5

When decorating for a living room this season, think about layering, not only when it comes to rugs but materials and colors, as well as patterns. Mix it up, bring different styles, different colors and different materials. It will help bring dimension into your living room as well as improve your decor style.


Maximalism Magic

Summer Living Room Trends You Can't Miss This Year_6

Maximalism is the style to go for this Summer. It’s bold, it’s colorful, it’s fresh and simply wonderful! It may not be your cup of tea but it’s definitely a style that should be experienced at least once. It’s as they say: go bold or go summer!

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