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Thanksgiving Decor Ideas For A Grateful Living Room

Inspire gratefulness with Thanksgiving decor!

Thanksgiving is the day to celebrate the blessings of the past year with the ones closest to your heart. So get your home in the mood for this holiday and prepare your great gathering of loved ones with these Thanksgiving living room decor ideas. Make yourself ready for the busiest holiday of the year!

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Having to rebuild their lives from nothing, the first moments of English settlement in the New World were as rough as you imagine. Nevertheless, they succeeded, thus a harvest feast was made in 1621 to celebrate the blessings of the year.

Admittedly, this very concise telling of how this originally New England custom appeared doesn’t explain the many intricacies that came thereafter, but eventually Thanksgiving came to be celebrated in the whole of the United States and Canada. It is clear why it is so heavy in symbolism and so vital in North American culture and identity.

Thanksgiving Decor Ideas For A Grateful Living Room

As far as interior design goes, the current symbolism of this holiday is partly rendered into specific decor practices and blends in with Fall imagery and decor traditions. Without further ado, and because not everything Thanksgiving has to be about the dining room, check out these ideas to welcome gratefulness into your living room with Thanksgiving decor.

Use warm colors

Despite being a colder season, Fall is characterized by warmer colors. Because Thanksgiving happens during Fall, it is only natural that the two decor practices share the same beautiful seasonal hues of dark red, green, orange, yellow, brown… you name it!

Thanksgiving Decor Ideas For A Grateful Living Room

Get cozy

The same logic applies and once again Thanksgiving benefits from the energies of Fall season. So make your living room as comfortable as you can with those soft blankets and fluffy pillows you love so much! You can also opt for furniture pieces that employ softer materials, such as velvet upholstered armchairs and sofas.

Thanksgiving Decor Ideas For A Grateful Living Room

Theme decorations

Once again, Fall and Thanksgiving meet each other. However, you should not stick to all the clichés of the season. If you do, your decor might become overwhelming. You can nonetheless use some of these traditional elements, such as a little pumpkin here and there.


Light a fire

Lighting your fireplace is not like turning the heating on. Fire has the ability to completely change the atmosphere by providing literal and figurative warmth. Fire is fascinating, a show for the eyes, and it does set up a nice, cozy mood. A lit fireplace is as comfortable as comfortable is, and you can also improve upon your ambience with flickering wax candles.

Thanksgiving Decor Ideas For A Grateful Living Room

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