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The 2020’s Living Room Trends in “la bella Italia”

The living room trends of the Italians have always been an important base for the other trends in the world.
So, let’s check out what is trending in the first year of this new decade. 😌

In today’s post, we’ll be talking about the 2 most import living room trends in Italy. The first one is about the fact that neotenic is becoming a new important style. Neotenic means that your living room will be in a very mid-century style and more leaning towards your inner child. That means that you’ll be having all kinds of high-quality materials and child-friendly materials. So let’s check out what this new living room trend in Italy is all about, shall we?

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Let’s get deeper into these living room trends in Italy. This first example combines every definition you can have of a mid-century living room. This first example has the perfection of this first style. Combining the perfect lighting, well we would add the Turner floor lamp just to make it even more stylish. And the perfect sitting area in this living room, also thanks to the exquisite materials used in the sofa. Maybe some extra colour would give this

The 2020's living room trends in "la bella Italia"
A perfect example of this new Italian trend for 2020.
EH Trends
The 2020's living room trends in "la bella Italia"
These sofas would add some extra touch of mid-century
The 2020's living room trends in "la bella Italia"
The and only Turner lamp.

The second most trendy living room idea in Italy is the fact that it would be more focus on unisex. It isn’t that living rooms are that focuses on genders, but it’s really going to be a booming trend the next year. The most important is to know that colours are more neutral and that the materials are always centred. This means that no matter which gender, you should always feel comfortable in the room and sofa you’re sitting it.

The 2020's living room trends in "la bella Italia"
The 2020's living room trends in "la bella Italia"
The 2020's living room trends in "la bella Italia"
The Janis floor lamp

Those 2 are the most important Living room trends of 2020 in the beautiful country of Italy.

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We hope you liked our article about living room trends of 2020 in Italy.


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