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Think Green: Give Your Living Room Decor A Refreshing Touch

Your living room decor has never looked so fresh!

With the ever busier lives we lead, we have begun to place a higher value on our living room’s role as relaxing spaces. A soothing living room is all about tranquility and for that there is no better color than green. Read on, and learn how to add the freshness of green to your living room decor.

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Think Green: Give Your Living Room Decor A Refreshing Touch

The Psychology of Green

Green is an earthy tone and is heavily associated with nature. Because of this, it creates a soothing and relaxing atmosphere, helping to balance the body and soothing your emotions into calm and comfort. Thus, it only makes sense to add green decor to our interiors as a way to relieve stress and anxiety.

Green is a great welcoming color for your living room. Depending on its hue it can provide a comfortable or energizing feeling. A lighter green, more neutral or pastel, blends with almost any color and reenergizes you. A darker or intense green can work well to add flair to a room and a touch of calmness.


How To Use Green

The Trend of Biophilic Design

Biophilia means love for nature. One of the most recent interior design trends is biophilic design, which uses the principle of the importance of nature to health and well-being in order to create a human-centered approach that improves the many spaces we live and work in with natural elements, collecting all the potential benefits that may come from it, such as increased general physical and mental well-being.

Here are some general guidelines to implement biophilic design into your living room decor:

1 – Use earthy or aquatic tones. Green would be perfect here since, as aforementioned, it is heavily associated with nature and is soothing;

2 – Opt for organic curved shapes and smooth surfaces;

3- Make sure you get lots of natural light. The more sunlight you have, the healthier and lighter your ambience will be;

4 – Incorporate nature elements in decor, such as stylish wallpaper with plants or animals. It would be great if you could somehow incorporate water, as the sounds of running water are very relaxing;

5 – Be sure to use real plants, as that is the best way to bring nature into your ambience.

Top ID Mid-century

WGSN Color of The Year: Neo-Mint

Once again a new Coloro And WGSN 2020 Key Colors report has been released and this time around the Color of The Year is the refreshing Neo-Mint.

Neo-Mint is a hue that aligns science and technology with nature, embodying a forward-thinking mood and an almost utopian optimism. Neo-Mint also embodies the drive towards tones that have gender-neutral appeal, which by 2020 will have moved on from the more feminine hues.

Think Green: Give Your Living Room Decor A Refreshing Touch

Dulux Color of The Year 2020: Tranquil Dawn

Inspired by the colors of the morning sky, Dulux color experts have created an inspiring new shade, Tranquil Dawn. This versatile color seems to change according to the tones that it’s used with, being able to work in different ways in a warm, neutral, soft or bright palette. This new shade sits somewhere between green, blue and grey, just like the beauty of a morning sky.

The versatile Tranquil Dawn seems to subtly shift its tone depending on the shades that it is combined with. When used with a sandy tone, it creates a relaxed and nurturing space for focusing on wellbeing and positive interactions. Comforting fabrics, cushions and throws, warm woods and mood-boosting indoor plants complete this light and airy look.

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