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Living Room Ideas Header

Tips To Design The Perfect Small Living Room

If you’re thinking about redecorating your small living room for this new and exciting year but don’t know where to begin, we’ve got the best tips just for you! From accessories to the right color scheme, we’ll tell you some of the best ways to design the most perfect small living room.

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Reflective Elements Are Key

Tips To Design The Perfect Small Living Room

You must already know by now that accessories like mirrors really help bring more depth and space to a small living room. In fact, it’s one of the first tips any interior designer will tell you when you’re looking for advice to decorate your home.

Diamond Big Mirror

Work With Scale

Tips To Design The Perfect Small Living Room

When working with a smaller space, you really need to pay attention to the scale. Don’t go too crazy with huge furniture pieces that won’t fit or will just be too awkward in the space you’re working with. However, don’t sacrifice important pieces either like preferring a bigger sofa and just not getting a center table. You need both; be sensible.


Patterns, Patterns, Patterns

Who doesn’t love a good pattern on a decorative pillow or in that special armchair that is the perfect opportunity for an accent piece? You can play it safe and go for linear patterns that bring more depth to your small living room, or go wild and experiment with different ones, from tropical to animal patterns. It’s your choice!


A Wall Of Books

Tips To Design The Perfect Small Living Room

Want to bring something special to your small living room while providing storage to your home? Shelves or bookcases on the walls are perfect for it and they don’t necessarily have to be overwhelming. It might even give that strange corner wall a new purpose besides emptiness.

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