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Top Tips On How To Create The Most Serene Living Room Decor Ever

Reduce your anxiety with your living room decor.

Some people say the kitchen is the heart of the home, but the living room is no less important. With stress as a defining feature of modern life, we have begun to place a higher value on our living rooms’ role as relaxing spaces. Good interior design can’t make it go away, but it certainly can help create serene spaces to reenergize from the comfort of our own homes.

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1 – Good, natural lighting

The value of natural lighting should not be overstated. It has been proved that natural light helps people be more productive, focused and healthier. Research has shown that people subconsciously seek out sunlit places. Moreover, aside from the physical and psychological benefits, natural light is also known for improving the aesthetics of space, increasing their beauty and making them seem larger.

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2 – Nature outdoor views

Nature is known for having a calming effect in our mood. It creates a soothing and relaxing atmosphere, helping to balance the body and having a calming effect on your emotions, making you calm and comfortable. Having views to the outdoor can bring a little nature inside and help you feel a bigger connection with nature, thus creating a fresh and reenergizing ambience.

3 – Calming colors

Color might be one the easiest tools to use for manipulating space and also a very intuitive one: bright colors bring an energizing effect and muted colors bring a soothing one. But as interesting as color is to manipulate the mood of a space, it can also be used to create a narrative, giving the space some deeper meaning. The more the meaning, the more interesting your ambience will be.


4 – Functional is serene

The more functional your space is the better. With lives that ever more rushed and stressful, making everything easier with functional design is bound to bring a sense of calm into your living room. You want to feel that your ambience is working with you and supporting you through life. Make sure your ambience is functional and elegant. Scandinavian design might be the thing for you here, as it is as sophisticated as it is functional.

5 – Don’t seek perfection

Avoid seeking perfection. First, it will only make design your room even more stressful, as you will feel like nothing is right. Second, when a space feels too designed, then it isn’t homely. To find balance between the overdone and the underdone, subscribing to the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi of perfect imperfection might be the path to follow.

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