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Velvet Furniture: The Smooth Dream of Every Interior

Velvet furniture was in the very past only subject to the nobility and richness and even today the material called material for kings. Also nowadays it is synonymous of luxury and opulence, but with the right use, it’s also possible to style with velvet in a not that bolshie way.

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When you do not trust the trend of velvet that much, a good start of beginning with it in a soft way is use it for decoration aspects. With this way, you can place some little velvet elements in your room. Some nice curtains in one of the most different shades and colors of velvet, or maybe only pillows which pimp up your sofa? Adding small elements such as a velvety lampshade into a room will instantly lift any space whatever your decor or style.

Velvet Furniture- The Smooth Dream of Every Interior

Or: You already know you really love this new velvet trend and you want to celebrate it in your room! Then you have a lot of possibilities to add it to your interior. As a velvet lover, you already know, that one big piece of it will fill the whole room. So choose carefully which one should be your heart-piece of the room- The huge and welcoming sofa, the cozy and elegant armchair or rather the amount of dining chairs?

Velvet Furniture- The Smooth Dream of Every Interior


Editors Choice

Velvet Furniture- The Smooth Dream of Every Interior

Loren Armchair

Often people decide for the variant of an impressive colored sofa. It fits very pretty in the trend of the cocooning. Nowadays it is very important to have a safe and cozy place, where you can flee from your stressful daily life. To get this feeling of warm safety and consciousness the benefit of velvet is brilliant. With its velvety and soft material, it creates a relaxed atmosphere and is at the same point a very elegant piece that lits up the whole room.

Velvet Furniture- The Smooth Dream of Every Interior

Less is more

It is known for its baroque and dramatic look, but it totally depends on the setting of the surrounding. Colorway and application making big differences in the perception. Less is more when it comes to velvet especially if you prefer a more modern setting. Unless, of course, you are going for the dramatic regal look in a period home.

Editors Choice

Velvet Furniture- The Smooth Dream of Every Interior

Bardot Sofa

Styled with golden elements, like side tables or marm the velvet look will be classic but also modern through the reduced linear design. A combination of modern style and velvet thus creates a contemporary interpretation of it and arrange a sensual and exciting interior design.

Velvet Furniture- The Smooth Dream of Every Interior

Velvet speaks for itself: You do not need a big effort to create a unique and exciting look, just place it wherever you want and let it make the work for you-you will see it works!

written by Lena Meißner

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